Monday, March 11, 2013

The Return of Razor Ramon

Have you donated to Scott Hall's indiegogo campaign yet?

Scott's longtime friend Diamond Dallas Page, together with the support of Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman, have come together to help Scott get healthy and find a purpose in life with his inspiring story of redemption.

Unfortunately, we didn't know just how broken Scott's body was. At the young age of 54, Scott has had a pacemaker, and difibrillator implanted for his heart, and he can barely walk due to extreme arthritis in his hip. Unless he gets a hip replacement, he will be unable to do the necessary exercise in order to get his health back. Without medical insurance, Scott's inability to pay for the procedures he needs are a major hurdle to his physical recovery.

Scott Hall is one of my all-time faves. In 1993, Razor Ramon had just turned face and I was a super-fan, I even owned the hideous "Oozing Machismo" shirt:

There may have been a dog tag in the shape of a razor too, a wonderful toy for children. Anyhoo, I remember once in my third grade class, we had Spanish Day (because kids in the US don't actually learn second languages until high school, so it was just one day), and my Spanish name was "Ramon," which was pretty much the coolest thing ever. And that is the origin of why I call myself Razor.

If you can, donate to the cause and if money is tight, do what you can to spread the word, chico.

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  1. As of right now they've raised $82,620 with 21 days to go. Impressive!