Thursday, March 28, 2013

DDP Yoga - Day 30

Today marks my 30th day on DDP Yoga and as of this morning, I am down 9 lbs. The only bummer is I was also down 9 lbs. last week and was hoping to make it to 10 by today, but there were delicious cupcakes at my nephew's first birthday over the weekend and I think it hampered progress a bit. But still, 9 in 30 days is more than double my pound-a-week goal and we haven't even really gotten into the intense workout routines yet.

My wife and I have also managed to stick to the most challenging part of the journey: the diet. Again, we're not following the program's strictest guidelines, but we're cooking at home, using much better ingredients and what I think is most important: planning. We've lived together for five years now and before we started DDP Yoga, this was a common conversation:

Me: so what should we do for dinner?
Wife: I dunno, but I'm starving.
Me: fuck it, let's get Wendy's.

But now, we're planning dinner for the entire week, going to the store to get what we need and cooking throughout the week. Admittedly, there have been a couple nights when we screwed up what we were trying to make and ordered pizza and we go out to eat a lot on the weekends, but planning has far and away been the biggest help so far.

So is it the Yoga or the diet change that's caused a 9 lbs. weight loss in 30 days? If I had to give weight to one over the other, I'd say the diet is the biggest help for now. But once we start doing the tougher routines and upping our time from 60 minutes a week to a few hours a week, then that will shift. Once we get to week 8, multiple routines start getting added to one day of exercising, so I expect an ass-whooping is on the way.

I don't have 100+ lbs. to lose to be one of those jaw-dropping success stories, but if I can keep this up without plateauing by the time I turn 30 in October, I'll have achieved the health and weight goals that have eluded me for 20 years.