Saturday, January 12, 2013


I caught the last 20 minutes of Smackdown last night, and I haven't watched Smackdown regularly in over a year. I actually made it a point to get home to turn it on so I could see the main event.

Why? Because WWE gave away the massive ending - Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Title. This isn't the first time they've done something like this, it's not even the first time in the last two weeks, they gave away Wade Barrett's Intercontinental Title win, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but it worked well last night.

I certainly don't think this is something WWE should make a habit out of, because I'm generally a surprise-oriented guy, I like to be wowed. but they had the right idea here. Had they not spoiled it, I wouldn't have known about it until this morning. I don't read dirt sheets anymore, I don't visit wrestling websites that would post anything like that and I don't live on Twitter these days either. So in this case, WWE got me to tune in.

Sometimes a spoiler can take me out of a match, I couldn't imagine enjoying the Royal Rumble if I already knew the winner, and I wouldn't want to watch WrestleMania a day late if I knew the results. But for a Smackdown that I wouldn't have watched anyway? It gets people tuning in, restores (at least temporarily) the notion that big things can and do happen on Smackdown, and perhaps most importantly, could boost ticket sales. If someone wasn't thinking of going to Smackdown because it's just the taped show, now they may be more inclined to show up.

From most accounts, WWE executed this title change well, they just need to wait a few years before doing it again.


  1. I saw something weird this morning. I didn't know that the WWE had a kid's wrestling show on Saturday mornings.

    That is not the weird thing. The weird thing was, every time someone did a move that had impact, they would show the start of the move and then cut away to the announcers for the actual impact.

    Like they were showing a Randy Orton match and he started both the DDT and the RKO, and they showed them being performed halfway through and then cut away.

    I don't remember wrestling being like that when I was a kid.

    1. That... is weird. I haven't seen that show yet. Perhaps in an attempt to curb trying this at home? Even so, that is bizarre.

    2. Watch the last minute and a half of this video to see what I mean.

    3. Been noticing that a lot on the the show. I think they do it is to lessen the viewable violence.