Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WWE's All-Star Game

I'm just sitting down to watch the MLB All-Star Game and when I watch anything sports related, my mind tends to drift toward wrestling.

Survivor Series should be WWE's All-Star Game, right? It certainly used to be, it was the only time you could see Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts and Demolition team up. And while Bobby Heenan managed a ton of guys, you rarely would see Andre the Giant, Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude all together, but you would at Survivor Series.

That's kinda fallen by the wayside as the industry has changed since the Monday Night War. You didn't see Hogan and Jake Roberts team up in 89 because Hogan wasn't on TV every week and Jake Roberts was probably squashing a jobber or maybe wrestling The Genius on Superstars.

Today, their equivalents are wrestling on Raw every Monday and to avoid giving away every potential big match they have, guys like Cena and Punk are teaming up. It's certainly not uncommon to see a six or even ten-man tag in the Raw main event, especially if any basketball team owners have recently pissed off Vince McMahon. And that business model isn't going to change, the audience has become too conditioned and shareholders won't go for it if it means stocks drop, so how do you make Survivor Series special again?

Do what the MLB did with the All-Star Game - make it mean something. Now, I know the home-field advantage addition to the All-Star Game is controversial, but the beauty of wrestling is it's fake, so who cares?

Give it consequences - wrestling's always about the next show, so maybe something like the survivors from each team get to pick their entry # in the Royal Rumble? That might not exactly be dramatic and it would kill the possibility for a surprise #30 entrant, but something along those lines.

Maybe bring back the Ultimate Survival Match that they only did in 1990? Granted, it was only an excuse to get Hogan and The Warrior on a team together and they probably never did it again for a reason, but give it some drama. The survivor(s) of that match get a title shot at the Rumble? Even if it winds up being a triple-threat, fatal four-way or six-pack challenge, have some fun with it.

That's why the only Survivor Series match that anyone's cared about since 1996 was the 2004 main event where Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and freakin' Maven got to be in charge of Raw when Eric Bischoff went on vacation. And yes, I am counting "Winner Takes All" in 2001... that match was a "let's get the hell out of this mess we made" if there ever was one.

Survivor Series is a WWE tradition and it's clear they're hanging onto it for that reason alone, but when every week is an "All-Star Game" for WWE, they gotta do something to make it matter.

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