Monday, July 16, 2012

Bank Error

I haven't watched a PPV since Extreme Rules and I had every intention of watching Money in the Bank, but I totally forgot last night was the season premiere of Breaking Bad. Sorry, WWE, you just can't compete with Walter White's final season.

It doesn't sound like I missed much though, everything sounds perfectly acceptable, but there's absolutely nothing here that sounds must-see like last year's MITB. Last year we had Punk's glorious character shift and the future of WWE hanging in the balance, Daniel Bryan's shocking win in the Smackdown MITB and Del Rio fulfilling his destiny (again) on Raw.

While all of those things wound up being disappointing - I suppose you could make the case for Bryan, although I'd say he became way more interesting when he lost the title - it made for a fantastic PPV. Here we get Ziggler fulfilling his destiny (again, again, again, again, again), Punk staying on top and Cena winning the briefcase. There's nothing wrong with Ziggler winning MITB, he's certainly earned it and should make a great foil for Sheamus and there's nothing wrong with Punk staying on top, just 41 more days and he'll have the longest non-Cena reign since Diesel, but there's no buzz like there was last year. Can't buzz all the time, I suppose.

But Cena winning the briefcase is massively stupid. I like Cena, I've never seriously used the phrase "Super Cena" in my life, and I'm more than okay with him reentering the title picture after almost a year out of it. But the MITB briefcase? Dumb. And pointless. And dumb.

The only cool thing that will come out of Cena's time as Mr. Money in the Bank is that we'll most likely see it cashed in for a proper match. Cena's not going to cash-in when someone's at their most vulnerable, so we'll probably see him pull an RVD at SummerSlam and give us a rematch of last year's main event. But even that's pointless, Cena doesn't need a briefcase to make that happen, he could walk up to Punk tonight and say "hey man, let's fight," the match would be set and it would be totally acceptable.

The WWE Title MITB would've been better off with any other guy in that match... okay, except Kane, no one wants to see that. But Big Show's doing some of the best work of his career, Jericho invented the concept and could have so much fun with it and The Miz could've got a MUCH needed boost after a year of decline.

My only thought on how this works is if The Rock does in fact win the WWE Championship. That would be interesting and The Rock would be the only person Cena would screw over if he was in a vulnerable position since they have this whole Borden vs. Angier rivalry going on anyway.

Still, all this would mean CM Punk has to lose the WWE Title, and I'm not ready for that to happen yet.

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