Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poll: Dream Match

First, the results of our previous poll:

Team Rock: 42%
Team Cena: 58%

Now, onto our new poll. With Brock Lesnar's return last night and The Rock setting his sights on the WWE Championship, it looks like a lot of doors have opened for some potential dream matches. Given the current landscape of WWE, what potential dream match do you want to see the most? Vote for one of the matches listed to the right of your screen and feel free to explain your reasoning in the comments section.


  1. The match I would love to see: Brock Lestner vs. Stone Cold. Back at Wrestlemania 20 (OMG It's been 8 years. It feels like yesterday!) in Lestner's final match it was Goldberg vs. Brock Lestner with Stone Cold as the special ref. After the match because he lost he flipped off Stone Cold and ate a stunner. (Like C'mon stupid! You don't flip off the rattlesnake!) I would love for Brock to get some revenge. But thats just a dream match as is CM Punk vs. Stone Cold (What? What? What? Its annoying isn't it)

  2. You can't vote for more than one!?!? :(

  3. what about a Cena/Rock/Undertaker/Lesnar fatal 4-way?

  4. @TH - No Punk/Stone Cold yet since I'm keeping it limited to matches that seem somewhat within the realm of possibility right now. Rock and Brock both came back to wrestle, no evidence yet that Austin will.

    @MC - I'm struggling to remember a Fatal 4-Way that was better than just okay.