Monday, March 19, 2012

John Cena involved in car accident

My stomach fell into my shoes when I read the headline: has learned that John Cena has been involved in a three-car accident in Philadelphia. The SUV the WWE Superstar was traveling in was reportedly rear ended by a Honda Civic, which had been rear ended by a tractor trailer.

Although Cena claims to be 100 percent, the Superstar is still set to meet with WWE medical personnel today at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. Cena was scheduled to face Mark Henry on tonight’s Raw SuperShow – a match, which according to Cena, will go on as planned.

Super Cena strikes again! Though I'm sure Vince McMahon needed a new pair of slacks after he heard the news, thankfully everyone is okay. Regardless, I think it would be in everyone's best interest to place John Cena, and The Rock for that matter, in a plastic bubble for the next two weeks.

Now, I usually cringe at this kind of thing, let's pretend John Cena had a minor injury that would've healed easily, but keep him sidelined until shortly after WrestleMania, what should WWE have done?


  1. I thought it was a work when I first read the headline "John Cena in Car Accident". After all we all know how unlucky it is to be a wrestler around a car backstage. Glad to hear he's okay, and have to point out that in my experience 90% of all civic drivers are idiots.

  2. I'm pretty sure that if Cena did have a minor injury he would have insisted oncompeting anyway. Much like Kurt Angle competed with a broken neck back in 2003 before leaving for his surgery. And WWE probably would have let him (and possibly keep news of his injury a secret), considering how much money they could potentially be losing if the biggest match is off the card. I'd say losing Rock vs Cena is a bigger disaster than losing Ange vs Lesnar back in 2003.

    Rock vs Cena was never going to be about the intense in-ring action anyway. Much like Hogan vs Rock, the presence of the stars and the corwd reaction would be doing 75% of the work. I'm sure they'd have found a way to book the match to protect Cena in the ring. If Bret Hart (who can't take a bump these days) can do it, they'd probably expect Cena to.