Thursday, February 2, 2012

WWE developing cruiserweight brand?

I hesitate to talk about rumors, but since it's not a potential spoiler and doesn't ruin anyone's career, let's talk about rumors! According to the usual suspects (the dirtsheets, not Keyser Soze), WWE is developing a show based entirely around cruiserweight wrestlers for the WWE Network.

In the past, I've expressed a dislike for the Cruiserweight Championship since it puts the wrestlers in the dreaded "cruiserweight box," as Jericho described it in his first book. However, I think if WWE is willing to import some outside talent and base an entire show around people who aren't or wouldn't get a fair shake on the main roster, it could be a pretty cool show. I don't think it has to be a new or completely separate brand necessarily, just think of it like the first hour of Nitro getting its own show.

This is really where the WWE Network shines. I still don't think we should be getting our hopes up for 24 hours of pure wrasslin with new matches making up the bulk of the programming and I definitely suspect reruns of Homeboys in Outer Space will eventually find their way into the programming block, but if they move forward with this, the Network could really take off.


  1. That would kinda rule, especially if they imported talent for special occasions. Full endorsement.

  2. A Keyser Soze reference? :)

  3. It was such a great idea that WWE is developing cruiserweight brand now. I think that it would be a great show that everyone would love to watch. I know that many people would excited about it.