Sunday, February 5, 2012

Black History Month - February 3-5

Fell behind a little bit, let's catch up!

February 3 - Jazz
I always really liked Jazz, even during her sporadic run in ECW's later days. Anyone who can create a memorable moment with Jason (remember that guy?) has some special qualities. She had a good run in WWE as well, for an unconventional (i.e. actually a wrestler) Diva. She also had the hurdle of being a double minority and it's no surprise they let her go before her Diva shelf life expired, but I always felt she was the most underrated female wrestler in the last decade.

February 4 - Tony Atlas
Mr. USA is an example of wrestling's best and worst qualities. Winning the WWE Tag Team Titles with Rocky Johnson and becoming the first African-American tag team to win the belts was a huge feel good story. Unfortunately, Tony would later fall onto the path of wrestling tragedy, I still remember True Life: I'm a Pro Wrestler with Tony recalling the story of "waking up in a crack house with four people on top of me." Then when Tony began to turn things around, he came back to WWE under the Saba Simba gimmick, which is pretty much the most racist thing I've seen in my 25 years of watching.

Luckily, Atlas got to redeem his WWE career with his hilarious stint on ECW as the announcer for the Abraham Washington Show (remember that?) and of course, managing Mark Henry's ECW Championship run. I like to think Mark Henry wouldn't be as awesome as he is now without some help from Mr. USA.

February 5 - Maven
I'm really not sure why Maven never took off in WWE. Sure, he came in completely untrained, but that's never stopped them before. The first Tough Enough winner was a story that could write itself and what he lacked in the ring, Maven more than made up for it in charisma. I always enjoyed his work, and loved when he turned heel near the end of his run, I thought it would've been his star-making moment.

It seems Maven has done well for himself post-WWE though, still think WWE missed the boat though, especially with this:

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