Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Black History Month - February 1

Happy Black History Month! After having a lot of fun with the Royal Rumble Top 30, I wanted to keep the daily feature going throughout February and celebrate the greatest, most memorable and legendary black wrestlers throughout history. This is not an "all-time" list, no one is being ranked or anything like that, just a fun collection of 29 great entertainers.

February 1 - Bobo Brazil
I can't start the list with anyone else, Bobo Brazil is often referred to as the Jackie Robinson of professional wrestling. Despite fears that booking Brazil against white wrestlers would lead to race riots in the arena, he persevered through the adversity and eventually won several titles throughout the United States. As a lifelong good guy, he even challenged Bruno Sammartino on several occasions and in some arenas, even had the crowd in his favor, which was practically unheard of for any Sammartino challenger.

Along with his manager, James Dudley, Brazil was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1994.

Oh, and he had the greatest finisher name ever, "Coco Butt," his patented headbutt.

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