Friday, January 6, 2012

Royal Rumble Top 30 - January 6

25. Diesel vs. Bret Hart - 1995
Did Kevin Nash ever have a better opponent than Bret Hart? I'm sure you could replace "Kevin Nash" with many names and it would still be a valid question, but Bret really did bring out the best in Big Daddy Cool. Diesel's WWE Title reign is not fondly remembered today, though I do admit I greatly enjoyed it as a kid (okay, except the Mabel feud, even at age 11 I knew that was stupid), but I think there are quite a few good to great moments within it.

The highlights are, of course, his matches with Bret Hart. And while this match wasn't their best, primarily due to the clusterfuck finish (but hey, it's the Rumble, you can get away with that on the undercard), it's an overlooked match that's easily one of Nash's top five performances.

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