Thursday, January 5, 2012

Royal Rumble Top 30 - January 5

26. Royal Rumble Match - 2011
Perhaps a divisive pick since it's so recent, but I think last year's Rumble match has already earned its place in the pantheon of great Rumble matches. After years of safe bets (Orton, Undertaker) and surprise returns (Edge, Cena), WWE actually rolled the dice on giving the Rumble win to someone who wasn't already a main eventer, Alberto Del Rio.

But as nice at it was for WWE to use the match as a stepping stone for a rising star once again, I think more importantly, the match was just really fun. Booker T returning, Kevin Nash making an awesome cameo as Diesel (and why didn't they keep him in the chrome and black?), and Santino's tease at the end was genuinely surprising and somehow managed to be dramatic. And it wasn't just those big moments either - CM Punk and Daniel Bryan had an great start, John Morrison's saving himself on the barricade was unbelievable and Punk continued the awesomeness by giving the Nexus their last interesting moment.

And I was worried the match being the first 40-man Rumble in history would clutter things up and while it did feel a bit compartmentalized at times, it wound up being a real blast.

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