Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Royal Rumble Top 30 - January 31

And here we go:

1. Cactus Jack vs. Triple H - 2000
Depending on when you ask me, I may tell you that the 2000 Royal Rumble is my favorite non-WrestleMania PPV in WWE history. Depending on when you ask me, and lunar alignment, I may tell you that Cactus Jack vs. Triple H is my favorite match of all-time. At this particular moment in time, probably not, but it's very likely that it will always hold a place in my top 10.

I've never been a huge fan of Triple H, but I did feel genuinely bad for the guy in the fall of 1999 when it looked like he was going to bomb as WWE Champion. Winning the belt the night after, rather than at SummerSlam was wonky, his run felt forced, he lost the belt to Vince McMahon (remember that?) and then he dropped the title to the Big Show not long after regaining it.

But things turned around in 2000. Thanks to his storyline with Stephanie McMahon and a feud with a rejuvenated Mick Foley (who was on his way to "retirement"), things started to come together for Triple H. Without this match, I don't know if HHH would've been solidified as he was. Of course his real marriage to Stephanie would've helped regardless, but I don't think the crowd would've bought it without his run with Foley.

And if you need me to actually describe the match to you, then you just need to re-watch the match. It's the absolute best of "main event style" and is an instant add to either man's DVD sets. Oh yeah, there's a Pedigree in thumbtacks too.


  1. I love it when we have something in common Razor. I 100% agree with you on this match- it's one of my all time faves too actually. I think I may go and watch it again now...

  2. I remember watching this live and it's one of my favourite all time matches. I live in the UK and I was staying up late on a school night to watch this (it was on free tv, the TV contract at the time was complicated). For me, it really started to turn me into a Triple H fan (that was locked in when he carried on despite tearing his quad the next year)and everyone in the match including Stephanie and the ref played their roles brilliantly.