Saturday, January 28, 2012

Royal Rumble Top 30 - January 28

Another double post, we're getting close to #1!

4. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit - 2003
Another great match for historical purposes, but once again, I haven't been able to watch it for almost five years. At the time, absolutely terrific, but now I have a hard time even watching Angle, let alone tapes of Benoit.

3. Royal Rumble Match - 1992
But let's lighten the mood with the greatest Royal Rumble match in history, 1992's. To date, it is the only Royal Rumble match where the WWE Championship was up for grabs (they should do that again) and that's only part of its intrigue.

A star-studded match with lots of stories heading in and out, high stakes and of course, The Nature Boy. Flair's performance, lasting a ridiculous amount of time after entering at #3 and Bobby Heenan on commentary, losing his shit? Perfection.

A couple years ago, I looked back on the Rumbles with the mindset that 92 had been overrated - it really pissed me off as a lil Hulkamaniac when I first watched - but after numerous viewings, yeah, it's the best Rumble ever and nothing else even comes close.

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  1. I wrote the 1992 Rumble in my blog. It's such a great match and the Heenan's commentary during the match was excellent. Did you notice that Martel went straight for Flair when he came in?