Monday, January 2, 2012

Royal Rumble Top 30 - January 2

Big wrestling day today, but don't get mad at me if "It Begins" turns out to be "just" The Undertaker. I expect some Royal Rumble hype to begin as well, so let's do some of our own!

29. The Rock vs. Mankind - 1999
If there is any reason for a definitive I Quit match to exist, this would be the one people point to. When I was a teenager, this was the coolest thing I'd ever seen and Mankind was a god for being "so hardcore." Then I saw Beyond the Mat, Barry Blaustein's 1999 documentary about the wrestling business and I wasn't watching Mankind get bashed in the head anymore, it was Mick Foley. For some reason, it wasn't fun to watch Mick Foley get bashed in the head more than a dozen times while his wife and children are bawling their eyes out. It changed the match forever for me and Mankind was no longer "god," Mick Foley was an insanely dedicated person who would do anything to entertain his fans, which wasn't always a good thing... and that The Rock was a bit of an overzealous sociopath.


  1. If you read Foley's second book about this match, he says that there weren't supposed to be that many chair shots. The head of the USA Network was concerned about the level of violence so it was agreed that the match would end up the aisle with about 5-6 shots taking place. The Rock was supposed to hit Foley only a few times every 1-2 minutes, not as often as he did at the end

  2. Yeah, it was a sore spot between Foley and Rock for awhile since Rock didn't check on him or apologize afterward while he was getting that giant wound sewn up. The Rock definitely seems like an intense dude that doesn't have an off switch.