Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Royal Rumble Top 30 - January 17 & 18

As promised, a double update!

14. Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy - 2008
Ah, nothing like kicking someone's brother where his appendix used to be to get a feud going. Full disclosure, this is the last Randy Orton feud I remember really enjoying and not begrudgingly. Hardy was scorching hot with the audience at this point and hadn't yet begun his series of unfortunate events and Orton was at his prickish best, they made natural rivals.

I wasn't sure if this two would gel particularly well since neither were exactly ring generals, but I think they both silenced many of their critics here by putting on an extremely entertaining and dramatic WWE style main event. The build was great, the match was exciting and the end was heartbreaking, you can't ask for much else.

13. Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy - 2007
Speaking of Mr. Kennedy, this match should have been the point when he silenced his. Unfortunately, five years later and it looks like this match was more of a freak accident than anything. Batista wasn't quite as stale as he was right before his big turn in late 2009, but he had a tall order up against the untested Kennedy. These two wound up putting on a hell of a match that's easily Kennedy/Anderson's best to date and I'd put it in Batista's top ten as well. It's so good, in fact, I'm calling it the 13th best match at the Royal Rumble, ever.

While it's now a blip on the radar and practically forgotten, it's an underrated gem that kept me a Kennedy fan through thick and thin... until he went through the charisma grinder that is TNA.

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