Saturday, January 14, 2012

Royal Rumble Top 30 - January 14

17. Shawn Michaels vs. The World - 2010

I wasn't a huge fan of the 2010 Rumble, the whole thing felt compartmentalized, it almost felt like WCW's World War 3 with three different matches going on. But instead of three rings, it was just one match divided into three segments with little overlap thanks to too many rapid fire eliminations and no one hanging in there very long.

However, there was one great story within the match, HBK's increasing desperation to get a rematch against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Taker thought he had nothing left to prove against Michaels, having beaten him at WrestleMania 25, but Taker was the World Champion at the time and told Shawn he could get a rematch if he earned a title shot by winning the Rumble.

Shawn's struggle in the match was expertly executed and I don't think anyone but HBK could've got the audience to care this much about someone going for their third Royal Rumble win to see a match we had just seen a year before. That's just how good HBK was though and that moment when he falls off the apron is one of the greatest "AHHHH!" moments in Rumble history.

Shawn still got his rematch, but it cost him his career, and the 2010 Rumble was one of the finest performances near the end of his career.

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