Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Poll: Superstar of the Year

Hey, haven't done one of these in awhile. But since I'm aiming for a 2012 relaunch of Kick-Out!!, I wanted to start slowly reintroducing some of my favorite features that have gone by the wayside.

Today's poll is simple enough, who do you think is Superstar of the Year? Don't see your favorite? Vote "other" and tell us who it is in the comments section. Here are my list of nominees:

CM Punk - Obviously, he was the most talked about Superstar of the year.
Mark Henry - 15 years to get this point and Henry undoubtedly has made the most of it. He's been undeniably awesome.
The Rock - Perhaps a controversial pick, but he almost single-handedly sold WrestleMania without even wrestling. Then he actually wrestled at Survivor Series and tore the house down.
John Cena - Because he's John Cena, he's still the top dog.
Alberto Del Rio - Royal Rumble, a WrestleMania main event, two-time WWE Champion, etc.
The Miz - He beat John Cena at WrestleMania. I don't give a shit how he did it, he did it.
R-Truth - Seriously. Who provided more pure entertainment this year than R-Truth?

Get voting!


  1. CM Punk! Mark Henry coming as a second close

  2. CM Punk obviously had the biggest year, but when you lay it down ADR had a huge year, let's not forget he won MITB too. Still going with Punk.

  3. I'm actually having trouble picking between ALL of them... I think the slow periods this year have actually made the awesome stuff seem even better.

    Looking forward to the relaunch btw, big fan of the blog

  4. Tough decision, I'm not sure whether to pick Henry or Punk... Screw it, I'll go with Punk!

  5. I'm going for Heath Slater as superstar of the year. He even pinned John Cena -

  6. I dont care what you think cm.punk earnd it and if you are not down with that i got 2 words for you