Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kick-Out!! featured by THQ!

This is huge, huge news. Today, we've been featured on THQ's website for my WWE '12 storyline I created featuring Zack Ryder!

Check out the full article here"
This storyline was created by WWE Games community member, "Razor," who owns and operates the blog "" He's been running the site for years out of his love for sports entertainment, and has created a fantastic storyline for all of you to enjoy. Here's his summary:

"Zack Ryder is awesome. He's a WWE Superstar, hangs out with Snooki and spikes his hair. There's just one thing that continues to elude him: the WWE United States Championship held by the devious Dolph Ziggler. When Ryder finally gets his wish, a shot at the title, he finds out there's just one small catch thanks to Ziggler's evil legal counsel, David Otunga: he has to beat every former United States Champion thrown his way. Join Zack Ryder and his BB4E (Best Broski 4-Ever), Santino Marella, on a quest fit for a true champion. Can Zack topple the evil ex-champions and bring the US Title home to the L-I? Play "Zack Ryder vs. The US" (available now on Xbox Live) to find out!"
A huge thanks to THQ's own Marcus Stephenson for setting it all up. Hell of a guy and a longtime friend of the site... I'm so thankful to all the great guys over there for this. How freaking awesome is this?!

Zack Ryder has to play it now, right? We have the official seal of approval!


  1. Sounds like a great storyline! I'll have to show my fried who has an X-Box this.

  2. its a pretty damn good storyline so far. Im a few matches into chapter two. Just met up with santino in the parking lot, totally forgot HE was united states