Sunday, October 2, 2011

WWE Smackdown - September 30, 2011

As always, this week's Smackdown review comes to you in Fair to Flair's patented WOO!/BOO! format.


Mark Henry has become the best thing in WWE, period. He's the best he's ever been in the ring, his promos are simple but effective, not unlike the classic monsters of the 80s and 90s, and he just has this presence that's always been missing from his character. Anytime I naively say that someone's "ship has sailed," I just need to look at Mark Henry and see that that's never the case. I loved the old school in-ring interview with Booker T and the subsequent destruction of The Great Khali was nice as well. Henry adding Khali's head to his Hall of Pain was a nice touch, they haven't done enough of that stuff since he entered the feud with Orton, so I was glad to see it make a comeback.

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger was a really, really fun match. The crowd was hot, the outside players did their job perfectly without detracting from the match and the feud got hotter. I'm sure some folks are bummed that Evan Bourne lost in his hometown, but that's what WWE always does. The city is going to cheer for their hometown hero no matter what, so having him lose is going to get the opponent instant heat, which Swagger and Ziggler had. Loving the Cougar's Cubs team as well, hoping Vickie continues to expand her clientele.

I might be alone on this one, but I like the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara storyline, especially with the Dark Sin Cara mask being revealed during this segment. I expect most fans aren't aware of who or what a "Mistico" is, but context clues should've gotten the point across. Here's hoping both guys are on point for their match tonight, it's a great opportunity for them to shake off the negativity that has surrounded them.

David Otunga: Ace Attorney has massive potential and the Alliance to End Triple H is something they should've been doing for years with John Cena. I love the idea of guys who have separate stories and goals coming together for a huge agenda, so I can't wait to see where this goes.

Wonky ending aside, Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus was my favorite wrestling match this week. Cody has just been absolutely fantastic as of late and deserves mad respect yo for those staples in his head. Great back and forth action with an ending that's become far too typical for Sheamus matches lately, Christian interfering, but it was fun nonetheless. Still, you'd think with the talents of Sheamus and Christian, they could come up with some better spice for this feud than "you interfere in my match then I'll interfere in your match."

Zack Ryder gets to be in a glorified squash match and he's not the squashee? Sucks for JTG, but that's a nice little endorsement for Ryder. Fingers crossed that he's in line for an IC Title shot when it's time to move Cody Rhodes up to the World Title scene.


Kelly Kelly: Queen of the Victory Roll is getting old, and I've enjoyed where they've been going with Kelly.

I still don't get why Johnny Ace is on TV.

Where does Christian vs. Randy Orton fit into the WOO!/BOO! dynamic? It's tough to say since they always deliver a good match, but I honestly can't remember the last time when two people wrestled this much in three months, hell, Chris Benoit and Booker T didn't wrestle this much during a Best of Seven series! The match was enjoyable, despite another silly ending, but c'mon. Things did veer into WOO! territory with Christian and Cody Rhodes ganging up on Orton, but slid back to BOO!land when Orton overcame the odds and managed to get one over on ol' Mark Henry. Psh, celebrate now Randall, but tonight, it's all about wig splittage.

Good Smackdown. Obviously Hell in a Cell came quickly, so there was nothing they could've done on this show to give the PPV a "proper" build, but the stories have come together quite nicely. This is always an odd time for WWE, the SummerSlam to Survivor Series limbo, sometimes also known as the SummerSlam to Royal Rumble limbo, but as long as Smackdown continues strong wrestling matches and simple storytelling, I'm not too fussed.

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