Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WWE Raw - October 10, 2011

In case you missed my thoughts on the opening segment of Raw, or as I like to call it, the most counter-productive 20 minutes in the history of television, read my extended editorial here. Here are my thoughts on the rest of the show.

Despite the intelligence-insulting nonsense from Triple H and Co., I did like the idea of a small group of guys trying to put on a show with just the four of them. Obviously you can't fill a show with that, but I thought they were onto something with John Cena vs. Sheamus with Triple H as the referee and CM Punk back on commentary (and timekeeper duty). Had the preceding 20 minutes not pissed me off so bad, I would've found it rather sweet and it would've helped me get on their side of the Walk Out a lot more realistically than hammering me over the head with "those guys in the parking lot have vaginas, the four of us have giant cocks!"

The crowd was hot for the match, Cena and Sheamus play off each other well, Punk was glorious to hear back on commentary, so of course it had to come to a screeching halt. Granted, a returning Vince McMahon could've been a big deal, but this story is already such a mess, it only further complicated things. Vince is still chairman of the board, but he's not in charge of day-to-day operations, and he can relieve Triple H of his duties now, and now Johnny Ace is the GM of Raw. Oh come on. Why is this guy on TV? He's completely void of charisma, has no name value and has had no connection to WWE programming prior to a couple months ago. Hell, David Otunga would've made a better choice for GM, he at least has previous experience in the job. And what the hell happened to The G?M? Are we really going to G-TV that whole thing?

The only good guy that was prominently featured returning from the Walk Out was John Morrison, who then got his ass handed to him by Christian and his crew. So not only is Triple H calling guys like Morrison total pansies, they're proving it in the ring too. Am I really not supposed to be cheering for anyone other than HHH, Cena, Sheamus and Punk?

Mark Henry continued his trend of being the only thing in the company worth watching, but then they had to ruin that too by putting him up against Randy Orton. Match was fine, albeit brief, but I did enjoy the interference from Cody Rhodes and I'm never going to argue with Orton getting a paper bag over his stupid head. Cody should've punted the bag for good measure. Okay, I take it back, Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes are the only things worth watching in the entire company right now.

Eve & Kelly Kelly vs. Tamina & Rosa Mendes was as pointless as it sounds.

Johnny Ace announced Del Rio vs. Cena for the next PPV, which makes sense, but hopefully they don't need Cena to win the belt again. Oh and Jim Ross got fired because it's that time of year.

Mason Ryan & Air Boom vs. David Otunga & Cougar's Cubs was what it was, it's hard to get me to hate a six-man tag, but not much else to say. Ryan just isn't clicking for me though, he's a WWE cliché at this point and needs to find something to stand out.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio was off to a good start as our main event, and eventually turned into CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz & R-Truth, who were rehired by Johnny Ace. Miz & Truth were victorious over their weakened opponents, but of course, that didn't stop Triple H & Punk from kicking their asses after the match. I suppose it sets up the Vengeance tag match well, but Punk and HHH being all buddy-buddy all the sudden really bugs me. I know, it's wrestling, but for as much attention to detail they've given to Punk's character lately, it's upsetting to see that abandoned.

Just a terrible Raw. Not terrible like Dennis Miller is hosting and we're just going to throw out a bunch of two-minute matches terrible, no this was worse. This was so terrible that it really makes me question why I still watch wrestling. A bad episode is one thing, every show has those, but this seemed like a show that had deliberate disgust for its audience. One that set a tone that says, "you don't like this? Good, we don't want you anyway." It was incredibly frustrating and didn't leave me with much hope for the rest of the year. Things can always be turned around, but if this is the direction WWE is taking, I honestly don't know if I want to be a part of it.


  1. Didn't watch the show because of NFL football, and after reading this and other reviews, I'm so glad I didn't. What they've done to CM Punk is borderline unforgivable. I think I might lay off Raw until The Rock pops back in next month.

    Great review.

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