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Way Too Early

Community is on NBC tonight at 8pm est... watch it, or else I hate you.

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WWE Raw - September 26, 2011

And with the relaunch of Kick-Out!!, the Raw live blog returns! Refresh your page for ongoing coverage and follow the Twitter feed for the ongoing absurdity.

And we begin with the COO, HHH! He's also the King of Kings, which I guess would make him the KOK. Massive reaction for The Game, even though he's a megalomaniac, who committed the gravest of sins in the history of professional wrestling... he fired The Miz. Heresy! So Triple H fined TruMiz half a million dollars and used them to get one more main event... wow, that's kind of a dick move. Who is he, Jeff Jarrett?

Luckily, Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero are here to save the day from this megalomaniac, but Dolphy Z is suffering a jaw fracture after getting punched by Wolvie. Hey, that adamantium skeleton is no joke.

Cody Rhodes joins the party next, also the victim of a disgusting attack last week, when Randy Orton made his head go splodes. Staples? Yeah, Cody's got them... nine in his head, actually. Triple H brushes him off, saying he should go attack Orton on his front lawn like a real man would. Maybe he should break JR's arm like a real man would?

Christian's out next, continuing the insurrection, but he's not getting his well-deserved title shot, instead he has to fight Sheamus on Sunday, Randy Orton on Friday and John Cena tonight. Well that hardly seems fair, clearly there's a conspiracy afoot.

Dolph's not getting off easy either, he has to defend his US Title tonight against Zack Ryder. Hey, that's not fair either, at least make it Title vs. Title with the Internet Championship on the line!

And now Cody Rhodes has to defend the IC Title in a 10-man battle royal?! Oh come on, clearly Triple H is coming apart at the seams. He doesn't have the composure for this job!

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal is our opening contest and these are always the hardest matches to write about, so let's make it even worse by involving both Sin Caras! Bodies are flying everywhere very quickly and we're already down to the final four as I write this sentence: Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. That was fast. Rhodes dumps DiBiase, outsmarts Big Zeke and it's down to just him and the Celtic Warrior! Sheamus, like his hair, is on fire, but Christian provides the distraction and returns the favor from Smackdown and Rhodes retains! Christian sneaks in a few shots and asks Sheamus how it feels to be cost a shot at a title. I would assume not good. Not good at all, sir.

Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya up next and the Divas of Doom finally have spiked shoulder pads! Natalya is annihilating Eve right now, locking her in a nasty submission move that I honestly don't know the actual name for. Almost like an Indian Death Lock meets the Haas of Pain and it's beautiful. Kelly gets the hot tag, but The Glamazon is a bucket of ice water; Polish Hammer to the face, Glam Slam and Beth Phoenix easily defeats the Divas Champion. Clock is ticking, Kell!

And we're moving right into our next match, The World's Strongest Champion, Mark f'n Henry vs. The Great Khali. Khali's been oddly decent lately and Mark Henry is the best thing going in professional wrestling, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by this match. Khali comes into ring all smiles, but gets a title to his skull and a World's Strongest Slam. Okay, the match doesn't actually happen, but that was awesome nonetheless. "YOU GONNA MAKE ME PAY A FINE?! EVERYONE'S GONNA PAY!" I am not joking when I say this man is the best thing in wrestling right now.

Hey everybody, it's John Cena, who is inexplicably WWE Champion. I've been away for a little while and I haven't really got to express my opinion on the fact that John Cena winning the WWE Title at Night of Champions was really, really stupid. I like John Cena, but I just don't get it. Cena vs. Del Rio vs. Punk at Hell in a Cell? That makes sense. Cena regaining the title in that match would make some sense, but winning it back at NOC? Yeah, pointless. We shall see though, I expect a big match, even if Cena's sell is a little over the top here.

John Cena vs. Christian is our 10pm main event, with CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio on commentary. Match starts off very fast paced, big baaaaaaack body drop from John Cena, NASTY tornado DDT from Christian and the crowd is red hot! Of course, we're getting all the exciting stuff out of the way so Del Rio can run in and cause the DQ finish. Surely we'll get an impromptu tag match with Cena and Punk against Del Rio and Christian? No, just a really uninspired promo about hell from Del Rio. Get it, because Hell in a Cell?

Ah, Del Rio vs. Punk later tonight.

Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler, US Title is on the line and I want to root for Zack Ryder, but he used Hugh Jackman to get this title shot, how can I cheer for something so despicable? I mean come on, did you see Kate & Leopold?! Jack Swagger finally gets on board with the idea of Cougar's Cubs and helps Ziggler retain, but as they're beating down Ryder, Air Boom makes the save and holy shit, we have a genuinely interesting Tag Title feud! Teddy Long comes out and decides to keep the party going like only T-Lo can, six-man tag match, playa! Cubs gotta find a third man, but the match is next!

Looks like there's no luck for the Cubs, it's Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Zack Ryder in a 3-on-2 handicap match. Blah to the handicap match, they could've at least dragged out Heath Slater, he would've been a good fall guy.

Instead, Vickie finds Beefy Hugh Jackman... oh wait, that's Mason Ryan! But Ryan isn't on their side, he obliterates Ziggler and Swagger?! Well, that seems slightly unnecessary, but it does allow Zack Ryder to pick up a second pinfall victory over the US Champion!

Backstage, David Otunga is leading an insurrection with all the people Triple H has wronged tonight. That's right, he's getting OSHA involved!

Main Event time! CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio, at least I think it's the main event. It's a going on a little early for Raw, but this match should be excellent if given enough time. John Cena is on commentary and all the entrances put this at a more typical start time for a Raw main event. Can't see this one ending without serious shenanigans though, perhaps even an appearance from our Conspiracy Duo?

But hey, rock solid wrestling with no shenanigans? Okay! Punk and Del Rio go back and forth, but Punk connects with a NASTY kick to the skull and picks up a clean 1-2-3 victory! The Hell in a Cell lowers while Punk and Cena tee-off on Ricardo Rodriguez, but Del Rio DESTROYS both of them with a steel chair. Okay, so SOME shenanigans after all. I guess they're saving TruMiz for Sunday?

Overall, a pretty good Raw. Lots of storyline advancement, but perhaps more importantly, great character advancement. Motivations are clear, goals have been stated, people seem to have a purpose, which is something that's been lacking from WWE TV as of late. The wrestling wasn't bad either, nothing knock-your-socks off amazing, but perfectly acceptable for weekly TV. Maybe my wrestling detox helped, but I thoroughly enjoyed this show. What did you think?

Way Too Early

Cody Rhodes goes splodes... this is one of the most disgusting things I've seen in awhile, you can see the head 'splosion around 2:15. Blurg.

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Ring of Honor debuts in syndication

Welcome back to Kick-Out!!, it's been a long few weeks without internet and a switch in cable providers, along with other assorted life things, but I figured now would be a great time to relaunch the site with a brand new wrestling show! Ring of Honor has been without a television deal for several months, but the purchase from Sinclair Broadcast Group generated a lot of buzz... which they promptly killed with the debut episode.

The first impression I got from ROH's new show was that it looks very, very low budget. That's not necessarily a bad thing, WWE's over-produced shows work for them, but I miss wrestling in a smoky room. But it's 2011, and running a new television show in standard-def is pretty inexcusable. Maybe it was just my local affiliate, but they have an HD channel, Smackdown aired in HD on it during its MyNetwork days, so I'm not sure. Either way, it looked embarrassing.

The embarrassment continued when the first person I saw was Kevin Kelly, a never-was from 1990s WWE who now writes ridiculous articles for Wrestlezone, like how foreign-born wrestlers can never be stars. Seriously. Kelly was our lead commentator, which made me reach for the mute button on Shotgun Saturday Night in 1998, but on the bright side, we did get the return of Nigel McGuinness on color commentary. I thought Nigel did a good job, even though he was barely audible due to the horrible audio quality.

There's really no point in talking about the two matches that were on the show, it's Ring of Honor, you know the wrestling was good. The Kings of Wrestling vs. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team was a perfect main event to showcase what ROH is all about, it's just unfortunate that it looked so terrible. Granted, looks aren't everything. I wouldn't judge a video game on its graphics... unless it was sloppy and ugly, which is exactly how ROH looked.

The sad irony was early in the show when Kevin Kelly went to the "Tweet of the Week," where one viewer said you should watch Ring of Honor because it wasn't 1997. But this show looked like a rerun from one of the many random wrestling promotions that popped up in 1997. Hearing about "tweets" and "Justin Bieber" was just jarring since I thought I was watching an old VHS tape.

On the plus side, I don't know if they were in a bigger arena or if the 4:3 aspect ratio helped, but the room looked more filled than it did for any of the HDNet shows. That was always my biggest gripe with the HDNet broadcast, it made a room of 500 people look like a closet of 50, and that was fixed here, at least for this week.

If it sounds like I'm being overly harsh or critical, it's because I genuinely like Ring of Honor and want them to gain new fans and succeed, but this relic of a wrestling broadcast isn't going to cut it. I wasn't like some fans and thought a move to Saturday nights at 10pm was going to be a game changer for the professional wrestling industry, but it could certainly expose ROH to a wider audience than HDNet. Now? I'm not so sure.

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Way Too Early

Missed the PPV last night due to cable and internet issues, but reading the results of the clusterfuck main event, I thought this was appropriate.

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Way Too Early

Hope you can forgive me for sporadic posts lately, been enjoying the married life. Unfortunately, Kane did not emerge from the floor during our ceremony.

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Guest Post: WWE Smackdown - September 9, 2011

Hello there! Back briefly during my honeymoon to bring a Guest Post from our good friend King Ellis, who was kind enough to review Friday's Smackdown while I was getting hitched. Still need someone to tackle tonight's Raw as well!

Smackdown begins with a video for the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. We get a recap of his path of destruction over the last few months. We start the show with Mark Henry making his way to the ring to talk about his second job as curator of the Hall of Pain. Apparently, Big Show and Kane have their own special wings. No room for Vladimir Kozlov? Henry claims that the Hall of Pain contains broken bones, broken careers and broken hope. I guess that means if they ever procure any of those items for a physical Hall of Pain, they wont have to send any complimentary pictures of Mae Young when they ship them back. Though he's been in the WWE for a long, long time, Henry claims he has never been as unpredictable, reckless or dangerous and that's why he'll be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

But forget Smackdown, it's time for Zackdown! The assistant to Smackdown GM, Teddy Long, Zack Ryder has arrived to tell Mark Henry that they could be Broskis! World's Strongest Broski? Ryder explains to Henry that he and Randy Orton have matches tonight but T'Lo has ruled that they are not to interfere against one another. Fearing for the structural integrity of his wig, Zack hastily tries to exit the ring but Henry has a question for him first. He wants to know who Zack thinks will win at Night of Champions. Beth Phoenix of course! Just kidding. Zack refuses to answer on the grounds that Henry will snort him up one nostrel and shoot him out of the other if he were to say Randy Orton...ok. Henry doesn't like fence sitters and says that if he can't put his hands on Orton, then he'll have to put them on someone else. Zack reads between the lines and tries to go down swinging but is soon on the receiving end of a devastating chop and then the World's Strongest Slam. Buried!

Time for Henry to pick on someone his own size though as Ezekiel Jackson is set to be his opponent in the first match of the night. After a test of strength, Henry overpowers Big Zeke and turns it into a back body drop. Zeke goes for the Torture Rack early but can't pull it off. Guess he'll just have to take solice in that miracle he performed a few weeks ago when he racked Khali. Henry proceeds to make short work of Zeke and after ramming him into a ring post, he returns him to the ring, delivers two big splashes and finishes him off with The World's Strongest Slam. I wonder what the future holds for Big Zeke after unceremoniously losing his Intercontinental title and now this quick loss.

Backstage we go as Aksana continues to befuddle Teddy Long with her seduction techniques. It's a shame she already married Goldust in order to stay in the country, she could have tried to go one better than Kristal and bump Teddy off at the wedding. With her wig and leather get up, she's already dressed to be a black widow. Speaking of weddings, I wonder if Razor sprung for The Fink in the end? Aksana claims that ring announcing isn't the only special thing she can do with her mouth, she can sing too! Oh no, not another Jillian! She wants to make beautiful music with Teddy but he excuses himself to go check on his assistant. Hey, Broski's before Hoski's!

Next up, it's Green Ranger Sin Cara vs Tyson Kidd and even after his post match attack on Smackdown's Mr Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan, last week, the WWE universe is still behind the man from Mexico. This might have been Hunico's second match against Tyson Kidd this week but it turns out that really was Yoshi Tatsu under a mask on nXt. Sin Cara picks up the victory in another fairly quick matchup. Meanwhile, Michael Cole's ability to annoy transcends language barriers as he butchers the Spanish languange in an attempt to get Josh Matthews to question Sin Cara as to why he attacked Daniel Bryan last week. Josh promptly falls into the trap of speaking slower and louder when conversing with foriegners. But wait, he can talk! He can talk! (He can siiiiiiiiiiiiing!) And in English no less. People always say that Sin Cara is being groomed to replace Rey Mysterio and he seems to be on his way by taking his schtick of doing half the interview in English and the other half in Spanish. Sin Cara says he's always been this way but he held back upon joining WWE out of respect for everyone but from now on, we're going to see more the real Sin Cara.

Daniel Bryan has a problem with the "real" Sin Cara and wants a rematch with him on next weeks show. In fact, Sin Cara can be as agressive as he wants. Sin Cara issues his response in the form of a kick to the gut before locking on Bryan's signature submission, The LaBell Lock! Okay, now the Universe doesn't take kindly to that.

Randy Orton is backstage giving his thoughts on his opponent for tonight. Orton says that ever since Cody's face was bashed in, he's been a changed man. He's unstable and unstable can be dangerous. Takes one to know one! As for his opponent at Night of Champions, With everyone asking, who or what can possibly stop The World's Strongest Man, Orton thinks he has the answer: R.K.O. Hmmph, I was hoping it would be Overdrive.

The supposed saviours of the Divas division are out next and it's Natalya taking on Divas champion Kelly Kelly. Kelly Kelly is thrown of the ring early and number one contender for her title at NoC, Beth Phoenix, chooses to leave her be and sits demurely on the steel steps instead. Nattie trash talks Kelly whilst she overpowers her and tries to lock in the Sharpshooter but takes a little too looking to Beth for approval, leaving Kelly with ample time to turn it into a small package for the victory. Beth's hands off approach is over and she lunges after her rival but Kelly heads for the hills.

Christian is set for action but comes out in his street clothes instead. Turns out this match and apparently all of the rest of tonight's matches are postponed as well on account of Teddy Long's reluctance to do the right thing. Christian outlines his valiant attempts on last weeks Super Smackdown to take the World Heavyweight Champion from the Viper. All the pundits say he was ahead on points and if it wasn't for an illegal double team at the hands of John Cena and Sheamus on RAW the previous night, he would be World Heavyweight Champion again. Surely it's only fair that Captain Charisma be granted just one more rematch, right?

The Great White disagrees. In fact, he has an amusing anecdote which bares similarities to this situation. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin! Sheamus' dog once had a litter of puppies, all of them strong and healthy, apart from the last one. It grew up very scrawny and seedy looking. It later developed a nasty case of mange (Good job I wasn't eating when I Google Image searched that) and blew hot air from it's arse when it burped. If they'd castrated its mother like they did to that black bull then none of this would ever have happened! Sheamus isn't keen on Christian getting another title match and wants him out of the ring so he can start his match. Christian complies but eyeballs him as he goes.

Sheamus' opponent rears his head in the form casual coat wearer and my fellow Englishman, Wade Barret. Shame he doesn't wear roses in that coat like he used to. Decent brawl between these two with Sheamus looking in control as he caves in Barrett's chest with his clubbing forearms. Before he has the chance to go for the win, Christian hits the ring and goes straight for the red headed Irishman, causing the DQ. Christian and Barrett double team Sheamus but he fights back and gives Barrett the Brogue Kick. Christian nearly eats a High Cross but manages to wriggle out of it. The pair share a staredown as Christian backs up the ramp. Looks like there's life after Orton for the former champ.

Non title matchup as Air Boom visit the blue brand to take on Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali in a rematch from RAW. I guess the tag champs appearing on both shows isn't so special anymore now we have this whole Super Show business or is that just a one way ticket, Smackdown guys appearing on RAW? Anyway, Team Brothers-in-law are looking to avenge their loss on Monday following their miscommunication. As Kofi uses his high flying offense to put himself in position to pin Mahal, Khali goes to make the save and Evan Bourne makes the questionable decision of trying to cut him off. Mahal kicks out as Khali tosses Bourne out of the ring. Mahal is upset about something and slaps Khali. Khali isn't taking any of that and shoves Mahal straight into Trouble in Paradise. Kofi is confused but happy as he picks up the win for his team. What will this mean for Khali's sister?!

Main event time. It's champion vs champion and a match with plenty of history behind it as these two former Legacy members square off, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs Intercontinental Champion Chody Rhodes. The former dashing one only has his baggers for company tonight though after his attack two weeks ago on Ted DiBiase. Cody explains that he tried to help Ted but dropped him before he started dragging him down. How long until Teddy recieves the Alex Riley treatment? As for Randy Orton, Cody intends to show him just how unstable he can be.

Orton starts out strong but Rhodes turns the tide after using his lexan glass mask as a weapon. He works on Orton's left arm throughout the match, including breaking out the short arm scissors. Rhodes continues to have a strong showing until Orton ducks an attempt at the Beautiful Disaster kick and hits an RKO for the victory.

Mark Henry book ends the show as he comes out to go face to face with Orton. Just like Ryder before him, Orton tries to take it to Henry but fails with an attempted RKO. Henry counters with not one but two World's Strongest Slams. Instead of using it to Pillmanize Orton's leg, Henry takes a steel chair and uses it to sit over Orton's prone body. From there, he tells Orton that the only reason he didn't break his leg was that he wanted to take the title from him.

An OK show from Smackdown. Looking ahead, Christian vs Sheamus should be good and the impending "I don't know which one to shoot!" evil twin Sin Cara showdown could be interesting, even if at least one of them speaks English, thus reducing the likelihood of week after week of non-stop pointing. We have, what, one Smackdown left and I have no clue who Cody Rhodes is going to defend the title against at Night of Champions. Ted maybe? Daniel Bryan? Zeke?

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Guest Post: WWE Raw - September 5, 2011

Tonight's Raw review is a Guest Post from my good buddy Louis O'Hara. A huge thanks to him for helping out the site during my very busy wedding week.

We start the show with a recap of last week, which is a little odd to me as I felt that was the weakest night of the storyline yet, with the only worthwhile thing being Nash Vs. Punk becoming Punk Vs. Triple H. But then the WWE does love their video packages, even if this is one that could've been saved for Night of Champions. Does a decent job of putting the storyline in the light we're supposed to see it though, but did we really need to keep the 'Skinny fat ass' part?

We start the night with CM Punk, which is always a good way to start any show. Really, any. Throw Punk into the opening of Sons of Anarchy and it'd even make that better than it already is! Punk says that he's a little different, he talks different, walks different and apparently all this pisses a lot of people off. This is also why Punk doesn't like Nash, who hates Nash for being old. It all leads to Punk calling out Nash and hey, he turns up! With his hair down... and it looks awful. Maybe that's the problem WWE had with him wrestling?

Punk rags on Triple H for being relevant a little after making numerous references to Oz and Super Shredder (really now?) and it doesn't take long for Triple H to walk out and interupt Punk. Nash wants Punk gone because the universe isn't big enough for the both of them. And they've got the security footage of something! And... KEVIN NASH SENT KEVIN NASH THE TEXT!?


Nash did it to make the WWE cool again. Wait, what? I don't... understand. Why even bother texting himself that?! And this angle is focusing way too much on Kevin Nash and Triple H for my liking right now. I'm guessing this leads to Nash bringing back 'The Band' in some way, but who? Waltman isn't exactly much of a threat, Hogan works for the 'competiton' and I can't see WWE being too interested in Scott Hall stumbling down to the ring. Oh well, at least we got CM Punk doing his best Nelson Muntz impression. HA-HA!

We come back to a replay of everything we just watched... I hate that. Kevin Nash is so angry he can't remember how to open the door to his limo apparently, whilst John Laurinaitis walks alongside him confused. Huh.

And hey! Wrasslin'! I sometimes forget this happens on RAW. It's Air Boom versus... Khali and Mahal? I once went to a WWE house show where someone turned around and asked me who Sin Cara was. I imagine that just happened to half the arena with Mahal. And man, this Khali's sister storyline is so... I don't know. Just bad. Maybe if someone other than the black hole of charisma that is Jinder Mahal was playing the character, it'd be more entertaining, but I don't think anyone cares right now.

Watching Mahal beat up Bourne when he's finally got some momentum makes me sad. But it all turns around when Khali accidently whacks Mahal in the head allowing for Evan Bourne to hit that beautiful Shooting Star Press! I'll never get tired of seeing that. Pretty short match that's easily missable, but I'll never complain about seeing Bourne pick up a win. And am I the only one that's noticed that JR's job lately seems to be reminding Cole and Lawler about the matches going on? I'm not complaining, it's pretty great, just find it funny how often he has to do it.

Next up is Beth Vs. Eve to decide the number 1 contender for the Divas title... with Kelly Kelly on commentary. Uh, I like K2, I do, but I'm not sure why they'd want to put her on commentary again after her last outing. And Natalya is joining her. I like Natalya too, but these two don't have a great track record on commentary. The match is fine but the story is more told on the commentary with Natalya claiming they're 'saving' the Universe. Poor Jericho, even the Divas are stealing his shtick!

The Rock has 1,000,000 twitter followers and apparently Survivor Series is going to be electrifying! But who cares about that, Christian is here! And Drew McIntyre, but he disappears quickly. Christian and Del Rio are now bestest buddies! I'd give anything for them to rewind a few months and have never moved Orton and kept Del Rio on SmackDown, those two are great together. Del Rio is trying to talk Christian into doing... something, to Cena.

And another preview for Inside Out! Can we stop trying to put WWE stars into dramas and just remake Welcome to the Jungle a bunch of times with a few different wrestlers?

R-Truth is heading to the ring! And his bestest buddy The Miz is coming too! Truth doesn't find Punk to be different at all and says he should go to Night of Champions by buying a ticket so he can stuff his face. R-Truth and Miz banter and it's freakin' fantastic, these two are pretty much the funniest combination ever. Truth and Miz want Air Boom at Night of Champions... and I don't know how I feel about that. Miz and Truth have too much going for them to not win the titles really, whilst I don't really want Air Boom to lose them so soon without ever really getting a chance as Champions. I guess either way, at least McChickennuggets and David D-List Otunga aren't involved.

Punk Vs. Truth and this crowd isn't exactly too hot on Punk. I wonder if it's his overall momentum slowing a little or just the crowd? I've got a funny feeling we might see Triple H get more a reaction at Night of Champions than Punk. Punk Vs. Truth is fairly good as expected, but man, Cole being such a little bitch to JR is really taking away from the match. They need to decide if they want him to stop this crap all out or not, because it seems to change each week. Punk wins with a GTS after Miz is ejected... but then Triple H shows up again?

The Game has changed their NoC match... to a No DQ match. But Punk has a little suggestion of his own, if Punk wins, Triple H has to resign as COO! Triple H agrees and all but confirms that he's going to win. Oh well. At least with No DQ it'll definitely be a pinfall victory and Triple H Vs. Punk will at least be a new match.

Apparently there's going to be a WWE Network? I didn't see the advert here in the UK, but hey, that's awesome!

Jerry Lawler Vs. Otunga or McGillicutty. Hopefully this goes the way of Kendrick/Lawler and we're saying goodbye to these two. Worst tag team ever? Yes. Definitely. And Jerry Lawler is teaming with Zack Ryder, who gets a Z True Long Island Story video package!? What the hell, did someone let CM Punk into the production truck? Amazing. Awesome to see WWE finally embrace Zack Ryder and reward him a little for getting over on his own. Really glad to finally see him get some recognition, but if this is the start of a push for him, it's definitely sink or swim time for Zack.

Short match, but man this crowd was hot for Zack Ryder. Let's see if he can keep it up.

Del Rio continues to try and talk people into beating up John Cena for him, but considering how little we've heard from him tonight, I'm starting to wonder if he's even there. And Randy Orton is up next! Suddenly stepping in to review RAW for Razor feels like a lot more effort...

I don't like Orton at all, but last week he had a hell of a match with Ziggler, so let's see if he can manage another good match. And his opponent is Heath Slater. Never mind. I'm sorry, I tried to pay attention to this, but come on. This was not good. And Heath Slater used the Spinebuster, which I find to be an insult to Andersons everywhere. Sadly this ended in only an RKO and not a Punt, but hey, WWE found someone that could actually make me root for Randy Orton. Bravo, WWE. Bravo.

Zack Ryder is backstage with John Cena, hyped about his win. Cena asks who wears sunglasses indoors and gives a wink to the camera (I see what he did there!), congratulates Ryder and heads to the ring for his match with... someone? I don't know. They've talked about Cena being here all night, but I don't think they've even mentioned who he'll be facing?

Cena wants to know why Del Rio is ducking him and why they can't fight here tonight? I'd love for Del Rio to come out and say that they're booked for Night of Champions and it'd just be silly to do the match before then. A bunch of blonde guys and Wade Barrett hit the ring to beat up Cena, but then a bunch of faces make the save. And Teddy Long is here!? What is this... I don't... huh? Long makes an 8 man tag and let me see if I can remember who turned up...

It's Cena, Morrison, Sheamus and Alex Riley Vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett and Christian. So, what, they couldn't figure out how to the end the show? Why is all this happening? Would it really have killed them to not have Barrett, Christian, Morrison, Riley, Ziggler and Sheamus on the show? And apparently it's an elimination match now!? What!? I do like Elimination matches though. I won't go through step by step, but highlights include Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus being awesome. I'd love to see Barrett Vs. Sheamus, I think they'd put on some great matches. Sheamus goes fairly heel on Christian and... I don't get it? Is this just Sheamus being a monster heel or am I supposed to cheer for Christian? Sheamus kind of overreacted to a slap. It's pro wrestling, what was he expecting getting in the ring?!

It comes down to Cena Vs. Swagger and Ziggler, but their problems get the better of them and Cena ends up hitting Ziggler with an Attitude Adjustment and locking Swagger in the STF for the win! Afterwards, Del Rio tries to run in but eats an Attitude Adjustment for his troubles!

So, not a terrible RAW, but it wasn't great either. The Punk/Triple H feud needs something more than just 'I'm making things cool again!' 'Hey look, it's Kevin Nash!' to breathe some fresh air into what's become a rather stale story. Truth and Miz continue to be hilarious, Zack Ryder getting some attention was nice and he didn't disappoint but the ending was just kind of... there. Especially the 8 man tag. If you missed this RAW, try and catch the Truth/Miz segment on YouTube and the Zack Ryder segment if you're a fan of his, if not, I just wouldn't bother with this weeks RAW.

Call the Griswolds

Hey, I'm getting married this weekend, that's pretty nuts. As a result, I'm going to be taking a little vacation. Still got a lot of little things to take care of, so I won't have time to live blog Raw tonight and next week either. I may be able to sneak in some posts here or there, but for the most part, I'll be MIA during the wrasslin' shows.

So, if anyone wants to do a Guest Post for the next two weeks of Raw and/or Smackdown, please let me know, because it would be a bummer to let the site sit dormant. Contact me on Twitter if interested!