Monday, August 15, 2011

WWE Raw thoughts - August 15, 2011

Well, this should be interesting. Refresh, Twitter, comment, etc.

TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! MUHUHAUHAUHUA! Triple H is here to address the WWE Galaxy and his first order of business is to apologize to John Cena for missing his foot on the rope. Mmhmmm, you're going to apologize to John Cena, but not going to own up to the fact that you hired Vinny Vegas to screw CM Punk out of the WWE Title?! Triple H claims he had no knowledge of this and invited Nash to Raw via text. Really? You texted your BFF Kev?

But at the end of the day, this is just how Money in the Bank works and we do have an Undisputed WWE Champion, and that's ALBERTOOOOOOOO DEL RIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOO! He reminds us that is his name, but that's probably not a good thing when you're WWE Champion, we should already know that. Much like Triple H, Del Rio denies any involvement with Nash and even says he had no intention of cashing in last night, but just couldn't resist. Yeah right, I know a c-o-n-spiracy when I see one. This one goes all the way to the top, this plan has been in motion since the days of Jack Tunney! #Alberther.

Del Rio defends the WWE Title tonight against former champion, Rey Mysterio. You remember Rey as WWE Champion, right? Before John Cena stole it from him?

Hey, R-Truth has theme music and it's "WHAT'S UP?!" A metal remix too, maybe they got the dude from Tool to lay down a guitar track last night? Truth's in action against John Morrison here, in a Falls Count Anywhere match. I approve of that, I also approve of the old school picture-in-picture promo, but I do not approve of John Morrison talking.

Falls Count Anywhere matches are so fun, they don't do them nearly enough anymore and Truth kicking Morrison's ass all over San Diego has been a blast so far. Truth tries to introduce the devastating DESK CHAIR into the equation, but Morrison suplexes him into it and hits the running knee, which I think he has a goofy name for, but I can't remember, and hey, Morrison wins a match. Gotta start somewhere! Seriously though, fun match and a great way to start the show; Raw's opening matches have been fantastic lately.

AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!! The Miz has arrived! But wait, poor Miz is out here to hawk Subway with Jared the ex fat guy? Fuck Subway, they're currently being boycott by Kick-Out!! for naming Michael Vick their athlete of the year. The Miz deserves better than this, c'mon, can't someone get him an Arby's endorsement?

Kevin Nash has arrived!

Diva tag action next with Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. The Bellas (w/ capes) and this one could be enjoyable. When Eve's the weakest link in a Diva's match, I like its odds of not sucking. Good gals pick up the win in another decent Divas match and the Divas of Doom give them a golf clap. Beth & Natalya are looking downright fancypants tonight.

Kevin Nash is out, sans Diesel music (boo), and is here to tell the truth about what happened last night. He claims he got a text from Triple H during the main event, "whatever happens, stick the winner for me," so it looks like there are some conflicting stories going around.

And here comes CM Punk! And he's wearing jeans! Punk says Triple H doesn't know what's good for business and he's always heard Nash doesn't know either and it's clearly true. Nash tells him to watch his mouth, Punk says he does and says whatever the hell he wants.

Punk then reads the text he got from his sister last night, "OMG Kevin Nash! WTF? Thought he was dead" and I LOLed. These two are having a fun little exchange with plenty of "insider" talk and do you feel that? Something seems strange here.

Nash calls Punk a short order cook at Waffle House, Punk gets tired of the snarky back and forth and heads down the ramp for a fight... only to be stopped by half a dozen security guards. Yep, that strange feeling? That's a main event face turn, my friend. Punk is officially a good guy and the crowd reacted to it organically.

Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger next with Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero on commentary. Wow, this is an absolute train wreck. Dolph and Vickie are awkward on commentary, Cole is awful as usual, Lawler's making Vickie is fat jokes again, Vickie steals JR's hat, Swagger can't hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb (or Riley sandbagged him), Riley almost dies and Swagger actually wins a match? Then Ziggler stomps on JR's hat? What the hell just happened? Most uncomfortable segment of the year.

Swagger & Vickie backstage now, reminding me of that train wreck that just happened, but Swagger has the good idea of Vickie branching out and managing multiple Superstars. Okay, I'm all for Vickie Guerrero's version of the Heenan Family. Vickie's Cubs!

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon all but admits to CM Punk that she was the one behind Kevin Nash's attack.

Poor Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston, tasked with making Otunga & McGillicutty look interesting after that previous disaster. I like the idea of Kofi and Bourne as a team though, they should win the tag titles. Commentary is dragging this match down too with JR trying his best, but Michael Cole is being his absolute worst. He is the David Otunga of commentary. But hey, Bourne & Kofi win the non-title match and hopefully they're on the path to the belts.

Main Event time! Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio with the Undisputed WWE Championship on the line in Rey's hometown of San Diego! I know people talk about WWE doing this match too much, but c'mon, have these guys ever failed to deliver a good match?

Tonight is no exception. Hot damn, Del Rio's run-up enzuigiri is the most beautiful move in wrestling. Rey hits the 619 and looks to have it in the bag, but Del Rio gets his knees up to counter the splash and steals a win, successfully defending his title.

After the match, Del Rio destroys Rey Mysterio's arm and John Cena makes the save. Cena vs. Del Rio is A-okay with me, but I'd rather see the return of the Championship Scramble at Night of Champions. Cena is PISSED and lays into Del Rio for cashing in the briefcase last night and promises he will kick his ass. Wow John, are you new to this whole MITB concept? Regardless, angry John Cena is pretty amusing.

Good Raw. Was a great Raw until that Riley/Swagger/Ziggler/Vickie/JR's hat disaster, but at least got back on track for a really good main event. Still a lot of unanswered questions though and I would've liked to see a lot more of CM Punk and Kevin Nash. Maybe next week?

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  1. look at the Miz's Burberry tie! lol

  2. jared fogel is probably the worst actor in the world ;)

  3. I guess you missed the guys in the front row during the Sheamus/Henry match last night?

  4. "greatest stars of the 21'st century" ... hmmm, I think we got like another 89 years to go before we can judge that one! but, I guess it wouldn't sell many dvd's if it was called "greatest stars of the last 11 years!"

  5. haha, re: the guys in the front row of sheamus/henry, are you suggesting that some of the fans in the show are shills?

    Razor, I am watching the USA channel (stream) . . . hmm, I was wondering, having watched an ad, is it normal in America for people to to hire cars? That just seems weird, to rent a car, in the city where you live.

  6. Rental cars are normally rented out when someone goes out of town or, in some cases, if their regular vehicle isn't working properly.

  7. Yeah, it's mostly for tourists and people visiting from other countries. If it costs too much to transport your car, or if it's designed to drive on the other side of the road, you can rent a car from a company while you're visiting. We have an Avis station at the Sears where I work, but no one ever uses it.

  8. Show-related note: I'm all for the D.O.D. for the time being. I just hope there are some princesses left for when Kharma comes back.

  9. Yeah, car rental is pretty frequent. It's how WWE Superstars get around.

  10. Fair enough, ya, because we have an enterprise, but the only people who use it are those (from other countries) who didn't rent one at the airport!!

    I just heard a lot about "rental cars" and I thought that people generally rented cars in USA, and I thought that was a bit unusual!! lol!

  11. kevin nash looks great for 52!

  12. Wait...Kevin Nash was OZ?? Oh dang, that's awful!

  13. It looks so natural, no one can tell, with Just for Men gel.

  14. They're showing a hella lotta Rey Mysterio championship victories!

    Hmmm ...

    sounds like dey building to something!


  15. A thought just occured: This is the first Raw in a while I've seen with no John Cena. Just a week off, or sign of the times?
    Last week I said Mysterio probably wouldn't win the title in San Diego, but I assumed the champ would be either Punk or Cena. I think he could beat Del Rio, and if not, it sets up the next big championship feud. Fez Ferrari is the champ now, and Rey needs something to do the next few months.

  16. it's nice and refreshing to not have John Cena tonight! I am not against JC, ... I actually like him, but sometimes it's too much! so yeah, refreshing tonight!

  17. I have a hard time believing we'll make it through this show without at least a Cena cameo.

  18. I enjoyed last night's show, myself. The Triple H/Punk/Nash situation has a lot of different directions it could go, and trying to figure out what route it's going to take is half the fun of watching this sort of storyline play out. (Also: for two guys who have never worked together before, Nash and Punk gelled with each other beautifully during their promo.)

    The show started dragging from that promo until the main event, but that main event made up for the lack of quality content during the second half of the show. Rey losing clean and putting Del Rio over as WWE Champion, as well as Cena coming out and actually being the intense (slightly-)edgy babyface that he needs to be to win back the fans, was a great way to cap the show off.

    I also approve of Vickie potentially expanding her roster of managed Superstars; if it means that WWE is trying to actually bring managers back (or just get Swagger back into the spotlight), then I am all for it.

    It was, overall, a fun show with a few mildly awful points. The sign of a successful show is making me want to see where they go next with things, and in that regard, Raw succeeded.

    (A side note: I was offline for the duration of Raw, and I actually found that watching the show was more entertaining with a lack of Internet commentary than with it/being part of it. Funny how that goes, eh?)

  19. Isn't it funny that CM Punk's transitional phases between heel and face seem to correspond in some way to Money In the Bank.

    And the fact that he doesn't blame Del Rio also seems to be another one of those moves towards going face too.

  20. Once security got involved and JR basically called Nash a coward, I think it's safe to assume Punk is definitely going face.

    Not that I think it's a big shock, I assume this has been the point since the crowd reacted so favorably since he started dropping pipebombs.