Sunday, August 7, 2011

Louis CK vs. Dane Cook and CM Punk vs. John Cena

Do you watch Louie on FX Thursday nights? You should, because it's one of the best shows on TV right now. Laugh out loud funny, brutally honest and downright uncomfortable at times, it's unlike any other show on TV.

On this week's show, Louie is trying to get tickets to Lady Gaga for his daughter and finds out she shares a promoter with Dane Cook, who he has had a real-life issue with for the last five years. Much like how Punk doesn't hate John Cena, Louie hates the idea that Dane Cook is "the best." In 2006, people accused Cook of stealing jokes from CK, and Louis never disputed it.

The scene where they meet is very "worked shoot," you can't help but think the real-life Louis CK and Dane Cook were saying how they really felt about each other to better tell the story for the show.

Louis CK is often called a "comic's comic," CM Punk is definitely a "wrestler's wrestler" and Dane Cook is the John Cena of comedy: mainstream with a dedicated fanbase, but also a "lightning rod" for criticism from a very vocal set of detractors.

Louis and Dane are both incredibly talented in their own way (just like Punk and Cena) and it was awesome to see them “clash” on TV and bring a little reality to the story they were telling. It was very WWE.

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  1. Usually I'm wary of shows featuring standup comics, but I think you talked me into watching this one. At the least it's something to watch on Thursday, in my opinion the thinnest television day of the week.