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WWE Smackdown thoughts - July 29, 2011

Doing something different for this week's Smackdown review, it might become permanent, might not, that's all up to you. This week's review is brought to you in Fair to Flair's patent-pending WOO!/BOO! format. Everything WOO! was enjoyable, everything BOO! was not... I'm sure you needed me to spell that out for you.


I'm never going to complain when Christian vs. John Morrison is the opening match of any show. I don't recall these guys interacting much in the past, Christian returned to ECW just as Morrison was moving onto Smackdown, then they've been on separate shows since. Thanks to Triple H conveniently bringing Morrison to Smackdown just in case R-Truth decided to follow them in his Kia Sorrento, this match came to be. Morrison's not quite back to his 2009 levels of awesomeness, but Christian brings out the best in everybody and the two had a fun match. I'd be willing to bet some people are complaining that Morrison lost his return match (to the World Champion), but they played up his neck injury well and it made sense. I wouldn't be opposed to moving Morrison back to Smackdown permanently and see him enter a title feud with Captain Charisma.

Zack Ryder is Teddy Long's assistant. Just wait, Ryder will bide his time until Teddy Long has another heart attack, then he'll swoop in, marry Christian and the two will rule Friday nights!

Daniel Bryan humiliating Wade Barrett was a fun segment and I hope it leads to a match at SummerSlam. I think these two would mesh very well and their interaction here was great. I love what they're doing with Bryan right now and as long as they keep it up, the crowd will be salivating to see him cash-in by the time WrestleMania rolls around.

Mark Henry breakin' necks might be my favorite thing on Smackdown right now. Well, that and GOOD GUY SHEAMUS! Sheamus has desperately needed a shake-up after getting too much too soon and the change of scenery to the heel-heavy Smackdown didn't help matters. Luckily, WWE saw the writing on the wall and that's the simple fact that the crowd loves the guy and wants to cheer for him. And why wouldn't they? He's awesome, fella. Sheamus vs. Henry should make for a great SummerSlam match but I don't know if the World's Strongest Man can split that beautiful red wig.

Cool little video package for another newly-turned Superstar, Justin Gabreil, playing up on his Capetown roots. I wonder if they'll do one for Heath Slater, playing up on his childhood in that meth lab across the street from Andy Leavine?


Triple H being Triple H. Don't get me wrong, I love The Game, but his shtick is exhausting at this point. I get it, you're the world's biggest smartass, no need to lay it on this thick in every. single. interview. With the new gig, maybe it's time for the character to evolve a little bit? No one wants to see the return of the evil boss gimmick, but Triple H and his wacky COO shenanigans just seems illegitimate. Like Stone Cold as WWE CEO for a month, I just sit here wondering "what are they going to do to get out this one?"

Hey guys! Randy Orton is like totally crazy and stuff! The match with R-Truth was fine, good even, but speaking of tired and exhausting gimmicks, Randy Orton, ladies and gentlemen! Yes, we get it, you have more voices in your head than Michele Bachmann, but crazy people shouldn't be encouraged, they should be institutionalized. Again, this guy is supposed to be the hero and he continues to RKO people on tables repeatedly to thunderous applause. I just don't get it; he has not motive, no conflicts, never looks vulnerable and just looks ridiculous every single time the "voices" speak up. This character is not a hero and hopefully Sheamus will quickly eclipse him.

Newer Nexus vs. The Usos. While I genuinely enjoy the Nusos (hey, they CAN be interesting!), putting them in the ring with the worst performers on the active roster won't do them any favors. I hate trashing a wrestler's ability, but McGillicutty & Otunga are absolutely terrible and I have no idea how they haven't found themselves back in FCW. I get it, the tag division is worthless at this point, but even it deserves better champions than these two bozos. Hell, bring back The Heart Throbs or The Highlanders, I'd take them over Mr. Imperfect's backwards hat.

Jinder Mahal. Why is this guy here?

Alicia Fox should never win a match. Even if it's a six-Diva tag and even if Natalya wasn't involved, that's just wrong. I never thought I'd miss Michelle McCool, but Smackdown's Divas division is somehow even worse than Raw's. And where the hell is Layla?

Ted DiBiase is really dragging Cody Rhodes down. It's a damn shame, Cody could be lingering around the World Title at this point, but now he's got the Million Dollar Anchor hanging on his back. Let's just hope DiBiase and McGillicutty are never in the ring together, it might suck so bad that it goes through time and keep the Million Dollar Man and Mr. Perfect from ever existing.

Overall, the good outweighed the bad and there's a lot of interesting stuff to look forward to on Friday nights. The rise of Daniel Bryan and Sheamus defending the forces of good should highlight the remainder of 2011, but the sooner Orton vs. Christian is over, the better. Both guys could be doing something more interesting and no feud should go for five straight matches, that's just overkill.

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  1. Aren't you upset that Ryder booked a handicap match? :P

  2. Layla tore her ACL or something along those lines and is out for a good few months, if I recall.