Friday, July 15, 2011

Polls: Moneys in the Banks

New polls! To the right of your screen, vote for who you think will win each Money in the Bank ladder match!

I honestly think this is one of the most unpredictable PPVs in years and I have no idea who's walking out of either match with the briefcase. I'm favoring Del Rio or Miz on Raw, but Smackdown is wide open.


  1. I'm going for R-Truth on Raw, and I think he will be the first person to unsuccsesfully cash in Money in the Bank, continuing the conspiracy storyline. And for SmackDown, I picked Cody Rhodes, because I felt like it.

  2. I think the Raw match is a tossup between Miz and Mysterio. I could see either one of them as champion again.

    But as for Smackdown, I can't see any of them winning this match. So here's my prediction: The match goes on with everyone beating the hell out of each other. Then right at the end, Christian crashes the match and steals the briefcase! Then later on, Christian loses to Orton legit, he loses his mind and thrashes Orton after the match. Then he caps it off by cashing in the contract and getting an easy win and a second title for Christian.

    Farfetched, I know. But mainly I just want Randy Orton to lose so you'll start talking about Smackdown again.