Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kick-Back: Nexus Debuts

It was a year ago on June 7th, but tomorrow's Raw will be the true one-year anniversary of the Nexus debut. It was a three-hour "Viewer's Choice" Raw, tomorrow is a three-hour "All-Stars" Raw and the first three-hour Raw of June is usually where WWE tries shaking things up. It's when we got the first commercial-free Raw, Vince's limo explosion, the guest host concept, etc. Those things didn't always work out in the end, in fact none of them did, but it's at least when WWE tries something different. With the way things have been post-WrestleMania, I think we're all pretty desperate for something different.

One year ago, we saw the arrival of Nexus, and even though it failed miserably in the end, it was the most talked about moment on WWE television in years. Here's how I reacted to their shocking arrival in my Raw review:

Cena and Punk are having a fun match, but what is Wade Barrett doing on the ramp? And hey, is that Michael Tarver? Wait... all of the Season 1 NXT Rookies are here and they're kicking EVERYONE'S ass. John Cena, CM Punk, Justin Roberts, Mike Chioda, the timekeeper, Jerry Lawler, Matt Striker, random dudes, EVERYONE. The NXT Rookies destroy the Raw set, tear up the ring and destroy John Cena.

Hoooooooooooooly shit, did that just happen? Aside from Jericho's return and ECW joining WCW, I can't think of a more memorable ending to Raw. The ECW bit aside, in just 90 seconds, the NXT Invasion was better than almost everything else in the six months of the WCW Invasion. If they run with this, WWE could've just stumbled on the next big thing in professional wrestling. The first 2 hours and 45 minutes of this show were absolutely unbearable, but no one cares now because this ending was flat-out frigging awesome. Not only that, they managed to make the NXT Rookies more interesting in ten minutes than they did in the entire first season of the show. Well played, WWE... well played.


WWE, get me to react like that tomorrow night. Please.


  1. Awesome post man. I feel the same thing, and it will probably involve the Anonymous GM. Maybe he/she will reveal themselves?

  2. I watched the show that night. I came so far out of nowhere, that was the first time since I was 7 years old, that I thought to myself, "Is this part of the show?"

    I was on their side though. They wanted a spot and they got it, in the most forceful way I'd ever seen. And you're right: it is too bad it ended up falling flat, what with WWE playing it safe at Summerslam.

    I'll be following you tonight on Raw, while I'm in class, and I'm anxious to see if there is anything as exciting this year.