Monday, June 27, 2011

Podcast Week: Fair to Flair Show - Episode 6

I know I've been slacking on the site a bit lately. Part of it is the fact that wrestling just isn't grabbing my attention right now, part of it is my busy schedule, but I want to fix that. This week, I'm introducing Podcast Week, which will hopefully become a feature I do a couple times a year, where I post a new podcast everyday for an entire week. Here's what's on tap for our first Podcast Week:

Monday: Fair to Flair Show - Episode 6
Tuesday: Kick-Out!! Radio - Best of Fake Commercials, Volume 2
Wednesday: Opening Bell Extra (mini-cast, exclusively at
Thursday: The Wrestling Podcast w/ Tom Holzerman
Friday: Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 61

The week begins with the latest episode of the Fair to Flair Show, which I recorded yesterday with Jason Mann of Wrestlespective and KSP of Aggressive Art.

On Episode 6, Razor, K Sawyer Paul and Jason Mann talk about Kevin Kelly’s xenophobic rant, Chavo Guerrero leaving WWE, the potential of Wrestling Revolution, CM Punk’s reprisal of the Summer of Punk, Randy Orton and Christian again, the second Fair to Flair Quarterly, being a decent human being about wrestlers who lose their jobs, and much more.

Click here to listen to the latest episode (right click and save link as)

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