Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fair to Flair: Kharma, still a game-changer

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Kharma is out for a year, which is a newsworthy amount of time for any performer, but the reason for Kharma's absence raised more eyebrows than your average injury, she's pregnant.

As far as I know, this is unprecedented for wrestling. I can't think of any other active female wrestler, especially someone who is so new to the roster, who had to be sidelined due to a pregnancy. I didn't want to believe it, especially when the rumors started. Oh of course, a woman is going to be sidelined for "nine months," so naturally her sex life has to come into question. The EPT wasn't even dry before people started screaming "SHE'S PREGGERZ!" and I just dreaded the next few months if it turned out to be true. And when WWE announced she would address her emotional breakdown live on Raw, I got even more nervous about whatever hokey storyline explanation they came up with to deal with the situation.

But in typical Kharma fashion, she continued to defy expectations. There was no situation to deal with, she just went out there and spoke from the heart. There were storyline elements to it when the Bellas got involved, but in terms of the announcement, Kharma broke the fourth wall and was just straight up about the situation. Suddenly, it didn't matter anymore. There's no scandal, I don't even see people really talking about it on Twitter or Tumblr, it just is what it is. Kharma's pregnant, she'll be back in about a year and everyone's cool with that. By getting the jump on the sleazy internet reporters and just confirming it herself, there's no juicy story to drag out for weeks or even months and the community has already moved on.

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  1. Oh yeah, mother's can definitely be badass! That was the best quote!

    I was on the "I don't think she's gonna have a career in a year" boat. But, your reasoning won me over. By allowing her to speak out of Kayfabe after only being in the company such a short're right. WWE is sending a message.

    I have hope she's gonna be around again in a year, and I can't wait to see her kick the Bella's ass!