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WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Predictions

Thanks to the Draft, this PPV is going to be tough to predict. Not only can I see WWE going for swerves in the title picture, wins and losses mean even less than they usually do. If you lose tonight, it probably won't matter because you have brand new programs to get involved in immediately, thanks to the roster shake-up. So after solid predictions in the Draft (thanks to the fact that I only picked 16 people and they wound up moving 30), I expect to fall flat on my face tonight. Let's get predictin!

Loser Leaves Town
Michelle McCool vs. Layla

LayCool, despite the fact that some of their stories have infuriated me, have been the biggest thing to happen to women's wrestling since Trish Stratus. That's not necessarily a good thing since their shtick is rarely about actual wrestling, but they were undoubtedly the biggest act in the Divas division. Looks like that's all coming to an end and rumors are swirling surrounding the seemingly spontaneous sabbatical. I doubt it's as out-of-nowhere as it seems, McCool's been working non-stop with WWE since the original Divas Search almost seven years ago. My guess is she's taking some time off and that's why I'm going with Layla to win.

Country Whipping Match
Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger

I'm not exactly sure what a Country Whipping Match is and I don't think I want to see any of it happen to JR, but hopefully it all ends here. Really, it should've ended at WrestleMania but WWE apparently believed that Cole's shtick would work for another month. Unfortunately, it hasn't but hopefully it means the end to his grating commentary. If JR is healthy enough for a Country Whipping Match, surely he's healthy enough to be at ringside every Monday night? JR & King to win!

Falls Count Anywhere
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhdoes

This one should be a lot of fun. While Rey's style works best inside the confines of the ring, I expect this one to get rough and I think they'll come up with some very innovative stuff. Rhodes should win this one and send Rey packing to Raw, but if I know WWE like I think I do, Rey Mysterio needs to get his WrestleMania revenge. It's a tough call, but I'm going to go with Cody Rhodes, just so he can continue to climb the ladder on Smackdown. Cody Rhodes vs. Christian, anyone?

Last Man Standing Match
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

This one's easy, Randy Orton will win. Orton doesn't lose, simple as that. I suppose with the stipulation, they could come up with some shenanigans or Nexus can help Punk keep Orton down, but I've been conditioned to expect Orton to win no matter what. Has he even lost a match by pinfall since Miz cashed in Money in the Bank? Sorry Punk!

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

This is the tough one. Logic would dictate since Del Rio has been drafted to Raw and the WWE Champion is still on Raw, Christian will win to keep the World Title on Smackdown. But WWE loves to throw curveballs and I wouldn't be shocked if we wound up with a situation where Del Rio wins and at least keeps both belts on Raw for a few weeks. I've even seen theories that the World Titles will be merged on Raw and the IC/US Titles will be merged on Smackdown. I doubt they'll go that wild right now, but I don't think it's as open and shut for Captain Charisma as it may seem. I'm still going to pick Christian, because I'm a massive fanboy and can't vote against him, but I'm definitely nervous.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
The Miz © vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison

Another match I'm nervous about. I know Miz might lose the WWE Title someday, but I was hoping he could break Bruno Sammartino's 8-year record first. Honestly, I don't think tonight is the night, I doubt they'd add a third guy to the match if it was just so Cena could win the title and John Morrison just isn't WWE Champion material right now. Yeah, I said it! Morrison's got Truth to deal with, Cena's got The Rock's birthday tomorrow night and The Miz is simply more awesome than both of them combined, so he's my pick.

Only six matches scheduled, so I definitely expect some sort of match between Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and/or Wade Barrett for the IC/US Title. I kinda like the idea of a Triple Threat match with both belts on the line and whoever gets pinned loses their title. Kofi could bring one of the belts back to Raw and Sheamus/Barrett could be competing for the chance to be a double champion. But if they're just trying to get one of the secondary belts on Raw, I expect it to be Kofi vs. Sheamus, based on what happened on Smackdown. Kofi wins, Sheamus turns his attention to the World Championship.

So what do you think? My predictions seem likely? Leave your predictions in the comments thread and make sure you check back later tonight for my full review of WWE Extreme Rules 2011!

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