Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 59

This week, Kick-Out!! Radio reflects on the tragedy of 5/6/11. Where were you when dreams were crushed and hope was lost? Also, the wrestling "blahs," is the internet WWE's friend or foe, TNA's name change, and #WrestlingRevolution.

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


  1. During the Guest Host months I watched Raw, hated it almost every week and was miserable every Sunday as I sat trying to make it entertaining on the blog. Bravo for making the decision to stop watching Smackdown before you hate it. We should have done it much sooner than we did. Also, another great show.

  2. Do you think that your Smackdown blackout might affect your decisions to order future Pay-Per-Views. As you said in the podcast, Over The Limit looks like a half-baked rehash of the last two Pay-Per-Views, albeit with Orton now in one of the main events. If, for example, Orton ends up holding the title as a face for several months and is booked in the same way he has been during the last year or so, would you be inclined to give a few more events a miss?

  3. I probably won't purchase Over the Limit. Last year's was the first PPV I missed live since 2007, so I figure I'll keep up the "tradition" this year.

    I may cut back on future shows as well. Not necessarily because of Orton, but I have a wedding to pay for in just a few months and can't afford to be throwing around $60 to watch the same matches with a slightly tweaked stipulation. I may go to a bar to watch some, and I know I'll watch MITB and SummerSlam, but Over the Limit and Capitol Punishment may get a pass. We'll see though, I may win the lottery this week!