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WWE Smackdown thoughts - April 22, 2011

Little late on this one, but Mortal Kombat has been distracting me from wrasslin. Let's talk Smackdown!

Sir Michael Cole still getting his own entrance? Really?

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio in a WrestleMania Rematch was our opening contest, but before the match, Cody came to the ring carrying a paper bag. A group of guys behind him pushed a shopping cart (or trolley, as they call it in the UK) filled with more paper bags. This was better than plastic, but c'mon Cody, it was Earth Day on Friday, you should've brought the reusable cloth bags! Hilariously, Cody handed them out to the uglies at ringside and I wonder whose job it was to cut holes in several dozen paper bags before Smackdown?

After an awesome promo from the former Dashing One, Rey Mysterio made his way to ringside for the match. I really enjoyed their feud and the match at Mania, so I was quite excited to see them work together without having to pay $70. I still don't get commentary calling what Mysterio did to Rhodes an "accident." There was no accident, he intentionally hit Cody with a 619 without the normal protection of vinyl pants! Cody still hasn't done anything wrong and at WrestleMania, he merely won by hitting Mysterio with a knee brace, turnabout is fair play! In all seriousness though, the match was very fun although the ending fell a little flat for me. It came out of nowhere and it felt like there was plenty of match left. Rey won with a quick hurricanrana, but as it turns out, there was plenty of "match" left because the two brawled all over the arena afterward and Rhodes got the last laugh, hitting Cross Rhodes on the floor. Falls Count Anywhere match at Extreme Rules?

Backstage, The Corre continued to show cracks in the armor, the very weak, paper thin armor that they never had wore in the first place.

Michael Cole was in the ring and did you notice the giant Zack Ryder sign in the front row? I thought those were all confiscated? I certainly hope the dirtsheets weren't lying to me, that would be shocking. He introduced Jack Swagger for his match against Trent Baretta, which was actually pretty good, until Baretta damn near got killed after that NASTY! powerbomb counter. Ow. Seriously though, not bad for a squash match.

Big Show & Kane vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel and hey, guess what? Kane & Show won the Tag Titles. Yay? Yawn? Does it even matter? There aren't any tag teams in WWE and while Slater and Gabriel are a good team, The Corre is a complete bust. Show & Kane should be known as "Team Two Guys We Should Do Something With, But Have No Idea So Let's Just Make Them Tag Champs," but I don't know if that'll fit on a shirt. It's the obligatory UK title switch, happens every year.

More friction between The Corre backstage, Slater even shoved Gabriel down. Still yawning.

Drew McIntyre vs. Chris Masters up next in the battle of two guys that should be doing more in WWE. Masters moreso than McIntyre, but I think even though WWE's clearly soured on McIntyre in recent months, he's actually been getting better since his push stalled. Masters is probably the most underutilized guy in all of WWE and that continued Friday night when McIntyre picked up the win. Hell of a match though, both guys needed a showcase like that and I hope it means big things for at least one of them in 2011.

In our final match of the evening, Kofi Kingston invoked his rematch clause and challenged Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Even if The Corre does split up, I hope Wade Barrett keeps this Gravity Kills-esque version of The Corre's theme for his music, it's positively badass. More dissension among The Corre in this one with Big Zeke inadvertently striking Wade Barrett, but it still wasn't enough for Kofi Kingston to get a win (shocking) and Barrett successfully defended his IC Championship. He did have the ropes, but confusingly, Booker T and Josh Mathews praised him for it, even though they would deride any other heel who did something like that. WWE really has to do something about the commentary situation, because it just isn't making any sort of sense.

The match was fine, probably would've been better without all the shenanigans, so hopefully they'll get to do something fun at Extreme Rules. Maybe a street fight or something?

Our "main event" for the evening was Edge's retirement party, hosted by Alberto Del Rio! Would've been much more effective without the ridiculous background music, which I know WWE has tried to make work repeatedly lately (usually with Kane), but it's just distracting.

Actually no, this would not have been effective either way, it was stupid. Grandfather clocks, adult diapers and a morbidly obese Lita impersonator? And by "Lita impersonator," they hired the nearest fat redhead they could find. Awful. Very un-Del Rio. Using Kerwin White's theme music while Ricardo Rodriguez came down on a motorized scooter (complete with pyro) was at least mildly amusing.

Thankfully, Edge himself saved the day and the crowd EXPLODED for his entrance. By the way, Edge's "Farewell Tour" t-shirt is awesome. Edge cracked some easy jokes, Christian hit some people with ladders, held the World Championship above his head to close the show, fun was had by all, now let us never speak of this segment again.

Kind of a "blah" show. Plenty of decent matches, although the matches that had potential to be really good wound up being glorified squashes. Nothing to go out of your way to see, but if you got nothing better to do, there's some fun to be had.

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  1. Very disappointed in Smackdown this week, but was also disappointed in your lack of excitement for the closing shot. :(

    Even though it probably means Christian won't be repeating it on Sunday. =[

  2. Except for Cody Rhodes' promo + match against Rey, which was amazing, imho.

    Sorry about the double-post.*

  3. Yeah, I'll be much more excited if Extreme Rules ends with Christian holding up the World Championship.

    And yeah, Rhodes was fantastic as ever.