Monday, April 25, 2011

WWE Raw thoughts - April 25, 2011: The Draft

It's time to shake things up and stuff! I made my Draft predictions earlier today, but honestly, your guess is as good as mine. I think Orton is a surefire thing, but they're either going to play it really conservative tonight or go freaking crazy, one extreme or the other. Refresh your page for ongoing coverage of the show and of course, check Twitter for the ongoing absurdity.

And Raw starts with a Battle Royal already in progress! Awesome way to start the show, but also my least favorite match to write about. As always: guys are hitting each other, guys are reeling on the ropes and people are locking up in the corners. Guys are getting eliminated and... yeah, that's all I really got and I doubt you need the play-by-play.

Down to the most bizarre final four in Battle Royal history: Kofi Kingston, Big Show, Evan Bourne and Mason Ryan? Weird. Awesome spot with Bourne almost getting dropped out, but holding onto Kofi's legs to pull himself back in. Of course, Ryan and Bourne were no match for Show and Kofi though and the Blue Brand picked up the first draft pick of the evening. Who's moving to Friday Nights?


Holy shit.

For the first time in almost SIX YEARS, John Cena is on Smackdown. Did NOT see that happening. Wanted to see it happen, just for the sheer WTF of it all, but never thought they'd actually do it. That's how you start a Draft show, my friends!

Fun promo backstage with John Cena talking about taking the WWE Title with him to Smackdown after Extreme Rules. Even got a Miz cameo, which made it all the more awesome.

After a bizarre video package recapping his heel turn, R-Truth comes on stage to tell Raleigh, North Carolina to "SHUT UP." Oh Truth, I see what you did there. Truth is "pissed off" and blames his loss last week on the fans, including all the rhythmically-challenged who danced and rapped along with him. Especially "Little Jimmy" in the front row and this is officially the greatest thing R-Truth has ever done. Until that damn John Morrison rudely interrupted by attacking The Truth from behind. That ain't right! Totally unprovoked, JoMo!

Another awesome promo for Awesome Kong, who is officially known as Kharma, and this time we got to see her face. Clock is ticking for the Divas.

Eve Torres vs. Layla and again, Michael Cole interrupts the match while Eve picks up the win. Can Kharma just debut right now and tear him apart? After the match and after Cole's shenanigans, Layla beat the hell out of Michelle McCool. As the result of Eve's "win," Raw gets a draft pick and it's...


Wow, no one is immune this year.

After commercial, Cody Rhodes is backstage, cutting a disturbing promo about how the only mask Rey Mysterio will wear is the one the anesthesiologist puts on him before he's wheeled into emergency surgery. Well alright then!

Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston for the next Draft pick and this should be good if given enough time. It's the Draft show though, even the most memorable matches get forgotten. Kofi picks up a much needed win for Smackdown (and himself), finishing off Sheamus with two Trouble in Paradise kicks. Whose coming to Smackdown?


Well, I expected that to happen before John Cena got moved, but now it's a pretty big surprise. Not really thrilled about it, I was digging the massive shake up, but now it looks like Raw and Smackdown are just switching nights.

Our 10pm main event is Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross, yes I'm serious. This should be a tuxedo match and Howard Finkel should be the guest referee. Oh and Kharma should come knock Michael Cole's head off. This one is bowling shoe ugly, especially when JR busts Cole's mouth open, but then Swagger causes the DQ and they whip JR like a government mule. Luckily, Lawler makes the save and runs them off like a scalded dog and we get a "Country Whipping" match set for Sunday. Hey, that was supposed to be the name of Mickie James' sophomore album!

Backstage, The Miz insists that he's drafted, Raw will be canceled. True story.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler is our next match for and it's for TWO draft picks, with Orton now fighting for the Smackdown brand. I don't know what the hell is up with Randy Orton's facial hair tonight, but I'm going to assume it's because he fears Razor. Despite an impressive showing from Dolphy Z, we all know that no one beats Randy Orton. One RKO later, Smackdown has TWO more draft picks. Who are they?

Well, you're going to have to wait because CM Punk has something to say. He'll be taking on Orton this Sunday in a Last Man Standing Match and tells Randall that a simple RKO out of nowhere won't get the job done. Orton threatens to put CM Punk in "unconscious sleep," as opposed to conscious sleep. We'll find out Smackdown's next two draft picks after the break.

Mark Henry is the next pick for Smackdown, along with...

Sin Cara!

Sin Cara is a good move, the pre-taped nature of Smackdown will benefit him as he adjusts to the WWE ring and WWE style. Just makes sense.

Wade Barrett vs. Rey Mysterio in our next Draft match and that's definitely good news for Raw, sorry Corre fans. All three of you. Good match between Rey and Wade though, they mesh very well together, too bad they're not on the same show. Rey picks up the win for Raw and guess who's coming to Raw?

Big Show! Knew that would happen, him or Kane get drafted every year.



He was my #1 pick for Raw so I'm not surprised. The big question now is, does Christian win on Sunday or does Del Rio bring the World Title to Raw? If Del Rio wins, does The Miz go to Smackdown? Does John Cena win on Sunday? Do we get some shenanigans? Either way, something big is happening!

Main Event time! 6-man tag for the final draft pick, The Miz, CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian, Mark Henry & John Cena! Can't see the good guys losing here, but Raw needs another big pick.

Before the match, the announce team confirms the annual Supplemental Draft, which will happen tomorrow at noon on

I love a six-man tag match, but I don't love WWE for making me choose between Christian and The Miz. That's not fair! Match is tons of fun, as six-mans usually are and it looks like Smackdown is going to keep their hot streak going, but Mark Henry clobbers John Cena! No! Bad guy Mark Henry makes me sleepy. The turn gives Raw the opportunity, Miz nails Cena with the Skullcrushing Finale and Raw gets their final pick of the night. Whose moving to Raw?

John Cena

Oh kiss my ass. That's just dumb. Cena on Smackdown would've been really cool. At the very least though, the Blue Brand isn't overloaded with the very large shadows that Cena and Orton cast. Also, CHRISTIAN'S GONNA BE WORLD CHAMPION!

Hopefully. I probably shouldn't have said it out loud.

Stupid shenanigans with Cena aside, this was a good Raw. Almost non-stop wrestling, the rosters got shaken up quite a bit and things are looking pretty interesting for the future. The Cena switcheroo really annoyed me, but like I said, Smackdown would've been too crowded with him and Orton on it and it wouldn't have changed the shows up significantly enough. WWE really needs to knock it off with the bait and switches though, they're beyond out of hand.

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  1. R-Truth is amazing as a heel.

    Mind blown.

  2. God, I've been an R-Truth fan for a very long time but this is just awesome. Please let this amount to something.

  3. --R-Truth = Awesome as a heel

    --John Cena ... is on FECKIN Smackdown!

    --WOW, Mysterio on RAW? What about his replacement young Mr Cara?

    -- McCool's head Banging against that wall was fucking mean!

    --This Raw is currently officially AWESOME!

    --The VASELINE ad had the USO's theme tune! Am I the only one who noticed that?

    That's my thoughts so far,


  4. oh, I can't wait for this one ... CODY IS AWESOME. The NEXT Big thing. What a star!

  5. So, Cena back on Raw before the night is over since Orton is "on Smackdown", now, also?

  6. I don't see both Orton and Cena lasting on Smackdown. Odd as it sounds, I'd rather Orton stay on Mondays and Cena stay on Fridays.

  7. I'm not sure how I'd prefer it, to be honest. But, I can't see Cena staying on Smackdown with the Rock angle, especially due to next week's show. (Unless they make Smackdown the new "flagship" show and it goes Live.) Though, it would be refreshing to see Cena on Smackdown, not that I watch it as much as I do Raw.

    Also, sorry if I'm spamming your Comments section, haha. I've been a longtime reader and I've only posted a couple times, so I hope you don't mind.

  8. David Blevins is the new me!

  9. The more comments, the better!

    I can see them keeping Cena on Smackdown for a little bit, just to keep the whole Rock thing on the backburner, but wouldn't be surprised if he moved back sooner than later.

  10. Phew! I wanted to refrain on thanking Tom for the obvious compliment (I actually laughed when I read it) until I had your comment approval. :P I'm slightly... Upset at the draft so far because of the implications it leaves for Extreme Rules. Extreme Rules will either make me extremely happy or extremely sad. I don't really see a middle-ground. :(
    But other than that, I've enjoyed most of this raw so far. :D

  11. Lol, Cena back to Raw. :< Maybe this'll allow Miz to retain on Sunday and Christian to win leading to a feud with whomever.

    Also, sorry for the double post. ><

  12. Double, triple, quadruple post for all I care. The whole point of the live blog is to chat along with the show!