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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - March 11, 2011

There were 23 days until WrestleMania when Smackdown started, a point that Edge reminded us of when he called Alberto Del Rio out for a fight. The #1 contender was not amused by this gringo's challenge and told him that his legacy would be replaced by Del Rio's "dessssstiiinyyyyyy!" Edge threw the first punch, but the numbers game of Del Rio and Big Brodus Clay was too much for the World Champ, even when Christian tried to even the odds. It was divide and conquistar!

But then Teddy Long came to ringside and dropped the bombshell. For the first time in a decade, Edge & Christian would team up to take on Del Rio and Clay! Don't lie, you had your camera ready for a five-second pose.

Kane vs. Wade Barrett was our opening contest. More change's to The Corrrrrrre's music, which has to be the 37th tweak for it. Wade Barrett also warned Kane that what he did last week was a bad idea and called him nothing more than a "chemical experiment mistake." The match was over before I could even finish that sentence due to outside interference from The Coors. Big Show hit the ring to make the save and when we returned from commercial, we had ourselves a tag match.

Kane & Big Show vs. Wade Barrett & Heath Slater was the "real" match, but does anyone really want to see Kane working as a good guy? I think I'd rather see Big Show fight these guys on his own, at least in a handicap match, it would make Heath Slater's offense somewhat believable. The Children of the Corre were in control early on, but once Kane got the hot tag, that was the cue for Zeke and Gabriel to cause the disqualification AGAIN. While Kane was getting mauled, Show grabbed a chair and cleared the ring, AGAIN... then hit Kane with a steel chair in retaliation for last week. This feud is dreadfully boring, which is a shame because I like almost everyone involved, but I'm just not buying The Ccoorree as a legitimate threat to anyone. Barrett and Zeke alone should be dominating people left and right, but Barrett's stock has plummeted so much, I'm not really interested.

"DASHING" Cody Rhodes came out to wrestle JTG, but didn't even bother putting on his gear, instead wrestling in his suit. Easy win for the deranged Dashing One.

Michael Cole was in the ring for the "Interview of the Year" with his guest, John Cena! A rare Smackdown appearance for Cena; when they hyped this earlier in the show, I thought it was going to be Cole trying to pull another prank. They showed the footage from the end of Monday Night Raw - because Smackdown is now officially the Raw Rewind show - and Cena kicked Michael Cole out of the ring before he could even ask him question. Cena was short on words here, but it was my favorite John Cena who responded to The Miz, not the wacky "hur hur, poop" John Cena, not rapping Cena, it was SERIOUS BUSINESS John Cena! Cena vowed that he was done with "BS" and his one goal is now to break the WWE Champion.

Cena attempted to leave the ring, but Michael Cole wasn't having any of it, taunting Cena that he'll blow his chance at WrestleMania and that Miz effectively shut him up on Monday night. Cena grabbed Cole by the collar, but Jack Swagger stormed to the ring to save his trainee, and well, you know how that ended for Jackie Swaggs. Good segment though, the crowd was begging for Cena to kick Cole's ass, but you gotta pay $59.95 if you want to see that, kids!

Layla vs. Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn won NXT Season 3 if you weren't one of the four people who watched that show, and correct me if I'm wrong, but this was Kaitlyn's first singles match, correct? Not much of a match though, the entrances lasted longer, which brings me to the point I made in my column for International Women's Day.

Rey Mysterio returned to action against Drew McIntyre and his Rey's face returned to Drew's boot as soon as the bell rang. Great TV match, the first real match we got on the entire show and McIntyre shined just like he did at Elimination Chamber. Though Mysterio picked up the win, McIntyre's unique and hard-hitting offense, highlighted by a backbreaker on the apron, made this match a lot of fun.

After the match, Plasticface demanded an answer from Rey Rey for his WrestleMania challenge. Surprise! It was accepted, the match is on and I'm not lying when I say it is the match I am most excited for at WrestleMania 27.

TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAAAAAAAAAAAME! MUHUHUHUHUA! Since The Undertaker came to Raw on Monday, it only made sense for Triple H to come to Smackdown on Friday. I like it, a simple little way to do a "I talk, then you talk" build while still doing something different. Triple H came with a prepared video package of him destroying past opponents, but if he really wanted to scare The Undertaker, he would've brought clips from The Chaperone. Triple H couldn't figure out why Shawn Michaels couldn't beat The Undertaker at the last two WrestleManias and Shawn answered that question for him on Monday night: emotion. Triple H vowed to separate and compartmentalize his emotions during the match and will show no mercy and no remorse against the Phenom. As for the No Holds Barred stipulation that The Undertaker added to the match, Triple H simply said "thank you" and walked away. Great stuff from The Game, he hasn't given us a promo like that in quite awhile.

Main Event time, Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay vs. Edge & Christian! Too bad E&C didn't enter through the crowd or give us the pose though. Fun match, got a good amount of time and the good guys picked up the win, much to the delight of the Houston crowd. Loved the ending too, with Christian hitting Brodus with a tornado DDT, then Edge hitting the Snap Into a Slim Jim Elbow Drop.

Good show. I find myself saying this with a concerning frequency, but there wasn't nearly enough wrestling and there was way too much Raw recapping. I get it, Raw's the A-show, all the big stuff happens over there, but I'm sure the vast majority of fans who watch Smackdown also watch Raw and have seen this stuff. If not, we have, YouTube, Hulu and shows like NXT and Superstars, it's not 1998 anymore, seeing what we missed is incredibly easy and we don't have to waste precious TV time. What do I know though, the replay of Stone Cold's return may have been the highest rated segment on this show.

At least check out Cena's interview, the main event and Mysterio vs. McIntyre though, those were all well worth your time. My interest in The Corre is dropping every week and they're going to need to make some changes to make this match at WrestleMania interesting. May I suggest The Corre vs. Big Show, Kane, Diesel and... Beth Phoenix? Oh and once again, where the hell was Kofi Kingston?

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