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Match of the Month - February 2011

The pickings are slim and limited to just two shows this month, it's not necessarily a bad thing, February was a story-driven month and that's just the way it goes sometimes. Let me know what I missed in the comments and vote for your favorite in the new poll! First, let's take a look at the runners-up:

5. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston - Elimination Chamber
From my Elimination Chamber review:
Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston in a non-title match was our opening contest and admittedly, I wasn't all that excited for it. I was excited when the mini feud started after the Royal Rumble, but quickly lost interest when Del Rio made Kofi tap out so easily last week on Smackdown. Well, never underestimate the power of a hot crowd and two excellent performers, because these guys put on a hell of an opening bout. Kofi had some incredible offense like his diving Superman punch and his sky high missile dropkick, but it just wasn't enough to stop the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Alberto Del Rio continued his roll, making Kofi tap out once again to the Aristocratic Cross Armbreaker. Hopefully if Del Rio walks out of WrestleMania with the World Championship, Kofi will be in line for a shot, I think these two could have a great feud through the summer.

4. The Miz vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler - Elimination Chamber
From my Elimination Chamber review:
The Miz vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler was the match I was most excited for this evening, the most exciting story WWE's told in years, the kind of match that makes you raise an eyebrow when you see it on paper, but its execution is perfect. You can't manufacture the kind of emotion going into this match and Lawler showed why he's still one of the greatest storytellers in WWE today. I know a lot of people moaned about Miz being "saddled" with Lawler instead of working with active performers, but Lawler did more for Miz in this feud than any top star in WWE could have. WWE lucked into it, but they told a hell of a story here, and The Miz shattering Lawler's dreams of being WWE Champion and going to WrestleMania was an absolutely heatbreaking ending. Would've loved to see Lawler get a brief 24-hour reign, but that's emotion like only pro wrestling can provide.

3. John Cena vs. CM Punk - Raw, February 14
From my 2/14 Raw review:
Hey, wrestling within the first 10 minutes of Raw, that is becoming increasingly frequent. Even though I'd like to see these guys in a major PPV-level feud, I'm always excited to see them work together, Punk's clothesline off the apron before the break was a good start too.

Great action after the break as well with Cena showing off his freakish strength and CM Punk being displayed as an evil genius. Punk has an answer to all of Cena's offense, managing to avoid all of his big moves and always has a few tricks up his sleeve. A Nexus member under the ring gave Punk a chair, which allowed him to distract the ref and then nail Cena with a wrench! Punk wins with the Go To Sleep, making him 3-0 against John Cena this year! I love the idea of Punk as Cena's Kryptonite, they should keep that up.

2. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan - Raw, February 14
The second-best match of the month showed why Miz is drastically underrated as a pro-wrestler and why Daniel Bryan is the 21st Century Excellence of Execution. These two had a hell of a back and forth match where both came out looking better, you can't really ask for much else from a TV wrestling match. Bryan's not the kind of guy that's going to win the crowd over by having a really cool entrance or delivering a Rock-style promo, he gets the crowd on his side by going to work in the ring, which speaks volumes about how much fans are still into actual wrestling. The Miz is the perfect antithesis to that, and if WWE really wanted to, they could make Bryan vs. The Miz the next Rock vs. Triple H or Edge vs. John Cena.

But there can be only one Match of the Month:

1. The Smackdown Elimination Chamber - Elimination Chamber
It might be the best Chamber match to date, certainly the best interaction between the final two participants that I've seen since the concept was introduced in 2002. There were some lulls, the first few minutes of the match had me very concerned and no one cares about Kane going on a rampage, but Mysterio bouncing around like a pinball, Drew McIntyre as a beast, and those awesome closing minutes, is there really another option? Come on, the match made Drew McIntyre interesting, it should win on that feat alone. And Christian returned afterward!

So did I get it right? Did I leave off your favorite February match? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to vote in the new poll!

Here are the results from our previous poll:


Sting - 26%
Goldust - 19%
Jeff Hardy - 13%
Great Muta - 8%
Road Warriors - 8%
Ultimate Warrior - 8%
Boogeyman - 7%
Demolition - 5%
Bull Nakano - 1%
Other - 1%

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