Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 56

For the first time ever, Razor invites a guest onto Kick-Out!! Radio for the Opening Bell! Jason Mann of Wrestlespective and Fair to Flair weighs in on the legitimacy of WWE's Hall of Fame and Razor tackles an excellent episode of Raw, the build to WrestleMania and the TNA/Jeff Hardy debacle from the Victory Road PPV.

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


  1. 9 Minutes into the video, referring to the current situation with Rock, you said "Makes you raise an eyebrow". That made me chuckle! Very nice :)

    I agree with the point that Jason made in the Opening bell, that ... the silly entrants to the HOF only matter if you take it seriously.

    I also see the point about the Rock vs Cena - in the sense of the old guard (who is cooler than) vs the New Guy ... makes no sense in that Rock is making John Cena - and current WWE in general - look like panty waste!

    I also think that John Cena beating - or at least beating up - the Rock needs to happen. I don't think it will happen, but it would be good. Oh, and by the way Razor ... Miz is not beating John Cena at Wrestlemania! It's John Cena for goodness sakes!

    Snooki - despite her apparent vapidity - did actually make a great showing in wrestling. Great Lou Thez press! lol! I actually think she's hot. I like small ladies lol!

    The worst thing about Wrestlemania is ... it's being built on Outsiders who're all gonna be off TV after WM making a huge anti-climax.

    -HHH (probably will go for a while after WM)
    -Undertaker (Part-Time)
    -The Rock
    -Stone Cold

    Razor, WWE don't give a damn about Divas, Beth, Evan Bourne, Intercontinental title, Tag titles.

    Michael cole is one of the best on the mic. He really strikes me as a modern day Bobby Heenan, including the whole "Broadcast Journalist" thing! I remember Bobby Heenan was doing all that around 1991 or 1992 - during his "fair to flair" (dot com) era.

    Grand Masta Sexay turning up on Raw - it fell flat coz nobody knew who he was. I remembered him. I remember doing the 2 cool dance in Public with 2 of my friends back in the day!

    Fantastic Robocop Hall of Fame Promo! V. Nice!

    Oh gosh, I watched the TNA pay per view - especially the main event. I wanted to see what Jeff Hardy and Sting are like in the ring these days.

    Well, it would appear that either Jeff is still on drugs (or he is kayfabing it). Would not dis-count either option to be honest.

    Gosh. TNA is a shambles. It really is. This is supposed to be Professional Wrestling. TNA is Un-Professional "wrestling"!!!

    You said "surely TNA is not too dumb to ..." Yes it is. TNA can't get dumber! Sorry.

    Anyway, I have said enough!


  2. Another great podcast. I totally agree, no torch needs to be passed to Cena, a man who is headlining his 7th Wrestlemania. That's Hogan territory right there. And sure, people would like to see The Rock beat Cena if they went at it, but people wanted Hogan to beat the Rock too when they went at it, didn't happen.
    I think the lack of matches on Raw is fine with Wrestlemania around the corner. I am very excited for this years show. And I hope the Raw before Mania will be rocking since I will be there live, haha.