Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 55

Worst. Raw. Ever? Triple H returns to destroy Sheamus, The Rock returns to Buffalo (via satellite in Hollywood), John Cena returns to poop jokes and Kick-Out!! returns to Ring of Honor. Also, it's time to play The Game.

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


  1. Remember last year Wrestlemania and how it looked like it could of been one of the all time greatest ones, but it fell short (still a good show though). I hear alot of chirping on how this one is underwhelming. But you know, WWE has some pretty good PPVs recently and the workers have been bringing their A games, I can see this year's being pleasantly surprising.
    As far as the buildup is concerned, am I the only one who feels that on the Raw side they are trying to do too much in a 2 hour show? I'm fine with it being a promo heavy show if needed, but have more than one match that is worth watching. The only matches that weren't throw aways was Cena/Riley and Orton/Hennig. In other words top dog vs green horn.

  2. Well those were also the only two real matches on the show.

    I agree though, sometimes shows that look amazing on paper don't completely deliver and shows that look underwhelming wind up being amazing.

  3. i was soooo hoping for a mention in a Kick Out episode when the Cole version of the Heenan Family was mentioned :(

  4. Did I not mention you? Your name is even on the outline I wrote, I'm sorry HBJ!

    I hereby clarify: the idea for the Cole Miners, using the Heenan family as a model was totally HBJ's idea!

  5. And thank you for conceding my point re: Triple H and Sheamus. <_<

  6. What point is that? I like to know what I'm conceding!