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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - February 25, 2011

Now that FORMER World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler, has been fired, what's next in the fire-happy world of Friday Night Smackdown? T-Lo opened the show backstage and told us that Vickie Guerrero & Drew McIntyre would team up against Edge & Kelly Kelly and if Vickie's team lost, she'd be fired.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane kicked off the in-ring action and I'm pretty sure you could watch this match with your eyes closed and figure out what happened. How many times have these two been in the ring together over the last three years? Match wasn't bad or anything, Mysterio often brings out the best in Kane, but it was still a Kane/Mysterio match. Mysterio picked up the surprise win, but the real surprise came when we heard "AMER-EEEEE-CAAAAAAAAAN DREEEEEAM" followed by some sweet cowbell, Dusty Rhodes on Smackdown, mangled forehead and all!

Big Dust was out to apologize to Rey Mysterio for Cody's actions as of late. Wait, what? What has Cody Rhodes done? Rey Mysterio should be the one apologizing for crushing poor Cody's face with an exposed knee brace! Dusty called out his son, and Cody Rhodes made his way to ringside, without his awesome theme music, but he did have an awesomely ridiculous face mask. Dusty lectured his son on focus and how his obsession with being DASHING led him to this "fathial" injury.

Cody apologizes to his father and to Rey Mysterio and everyone shakes hands, but IT'S A TRAP! Dusty held Rey's hand during the handshake and allowed Cody to ambush him and demolish him at ringside. Cody threw Rey into his digital mirror on the mini-tron, then capped it off by ripping his mask off! Mitch over at PizzaBodySlam told me that something cool happened on Smackdown with Dusty Rhodes, but that might be the understatement of the week. This was just an extremely well-told, simple story that put Mysterio vs. Rhodes near the top of my WrestleMania interests. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Rosa Mendes vs. Layla was next and Michelle McCool caused a disqualification within the first minute of the match. Layla was not happy and they continued teasing a LayCool breakup, but seriously, if they split these two up, it will be one of WWE's dumbest decisions in awhile. I'm no LayCool fan, but the thought of these two on their own? Yawn.

Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston had a non-title match and much like Kane vs. Mysterio, these guys are no strangers to each other. The story here was Kofi's arm being injured after multiple Cross Armbreakers from Alberto Del Rio. Swagger picked up a much needed, and rather easy, win in a very short match, forcing Kofi to tap to the ankle lock. I liked the bit where Kofi couldn't roll through the ankle lock because of the pressure on his injured arm, little things like that really add to the story. Just watching this match bugged me though because here are two guys that the crowd are always into and you can always count on for a good match, but are completely lacking direction.

Wade Barrett vs. Big Show with The Corrrrrrrre banned from ringside was up next and despite being a pretty competitive match, Big Show won by count-out. The Corre stormed the ring and Big Show scared them off with a steel chair, what a dangerous group! Again, I like Wade Barrett and Big Zeke just strikes me as a major star in the making, but this group is drowning them, they're not threatening, they rarely get the job done and they have little purpose. Hopefully we'll get something like Big Show & Diesel vs. Wade Barrett & Big Zeke at WrestleMania, that would at least be fun, but at the same time, if Big Show can fend off all four of them, why does he need a partner to take on two of them?

Main Event time! Edge & Kelly Kelly vs. Drew McIntyre & Vickie Guerrero with Vickie's job on the line. I was really surprised how hot the crowd was for Kelly, it's amazing how much you can get the crowd to respond to female athletes when you give them even the slightest reason to care. If WWE gave Beth Phoenix or Natalya an actual storyline instead of just saying "hey, go out there and wrestle," I guarantee interest in the Divas would increase tenfold.

That's another discussion for another day though, match was short, but managed to stay fun and exciting the whole way through. That's the power of Vickie though, the possibility of her getting fired gets the crowd on their feet and screaming. T-Lo came to ringside after the match and could've just left it at that, Vickie was weeping, she was apologizing, he made his point, but no, he had to go and fire her anyway. A 42-year-old widowed mother of two, and Teddy just callously tosses her out on the street, what a heartless bastard.

Vickie begged and pleaded to anyone who would listen, including Booker T, a cameraman and Michael Cole, who was hilarious with his "I don't know what to do!" response. She finally tried to apologize to her ex-husband, but he just taunts her with that damn Steam song and she walks away defeated. Luckily, a man of honor, Alberto Del Rio, came to defend Vickie Guerrero's honor and attacked Edge, throwing him shoulder first into the ring post and locking in the Cross Armbreaker. What a gentleman!

I liked tonight's episode, the wrestling was all pretty solid, but outside of Kane/Mysterio, everything was a little too short for my liking. Understandable, the Rey Mysterio/Cody Rhodes stuff took up a sizable portion of the show but was pure brilliance, can't wait to see the next turn in that saga. I still have gripes with the good guys being too mean-spirited, not everyone needs to be Captain America, but that doesn't mean they should all be The Punisher instead. Yes, Vickie's mean and cheats and all that, but constantly humiliating her just makes me sympathetic, so when someone like Del Rio attacks Edge, I find myself cheering him on. That gripe and my ongoing issues with The Corre aside, this week's Smackdown still gets a thumbs up.

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