Monday, February 14, 2011

WWE Raw thoughts - February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, wrestling fans! When I was a kid, I handed out WWF Valentine's Cards to my second grade class. What that has to do with tonight's Raw, I'm not sure, but sometimes I like to talk about myself. Also, The Big Show debuted with WWE 12 years ago tonight on the St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV; but perhaps more notable than that, I believe it was also the last time WWE used the "barred" cage... unless you count the Kennel From Hell, but why would you?

Anyhoo, we're just a few minutes away from the big reveal of the WrestleMania host (still holding out hope for the Brock Lesnar/Justin Bieber tag team), which people are all excited about, we love to speculate, but what's more important is whether or not it will actually matter. Sure, getting a big name to "host" WrestleMania is nice, but will it make the show any better? I suppose we'll have a better answer for that question when Vince McMahon makes his big announcement, so refresh your page for ongoing coverage of tonight's show. Also, don't forget about Twitter, where my comments that are somehow even too stupid for this blog are posted.

But it looks like we're not quite getting the WrestleMania host just yet, we're starting things off with in-ring action, John Cena vs. CM Punk! Cena's going to talk to us about Valentine's Day first though, saying nothing says I love you like tickets to WWE! I agree, in fact, WWE is better than most Valentine's Day plans. You could stand outside TGI Fridays for two hours, waiting for a table... or you could go to WWE, clearly that's better! TGI Fridays is romantic, right? Open mic night Cena at the moment though, and we all know how iffy that can be, but luckily CM Punk eventually cuts him off before things can get especially silly.

Hey, wrestling within the first 10 minutes of Raw, that is becoming increasingly frequent. Even though I'd like to see these guys in a major PPV-level feud, I'm always excited to see them work together, Punk's clothesline off the apron before the break was a good start too.

Great action after the break as well with Cena showing off his freakish strength and CM Punk being displayed as an evil genius. Punk has an answer to all of Cena's offense, managing to avoid all of his big moves and always has a few tricks up his sleeve. A Nexus member under the ring gave Punk a chair, which allowed him to distract the ref and then nail Cena with a wrench! Punk wins with the Go To Sleep, making him 3-0 against John Cena this year! I love the idea of Punk as Cena's Kryptonite, they should keep that up.

On a more serious note, Michael Cole & Josh Mathews note that Jerry Lawler is not at Raw tonight after the death of his mother. Very sad, and weird how life throws us curveballs like that in the middle of happiness and success. If any good can come out of this sad news, hopefully it'll inspire Lawler to put on an even more special performance this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

Hey, Alberto Del Rio is here! But you already knew that. ADR is here to tell us about destiny and how it's his destiny to win the World Championship at WrestleMania, but he's rudely interrupted by the World Champion, Edge... well, the "sorta" World Champion, I think someone else has a legitimate claim to that title. Edge sucker punches Del Rio and runs him off, but the lovely and vivacious Vickie Guerrero is here to introduce the NEW World Champion, Dolph Ziggler! Vickie promises a coronation for Ziggler on Friday Night Smackdown and claims Edge will soon be fired when she shows proof that he attacked Teddy Long. Interesting.

New 2.21.11 video, and wow, without his makeup, Sting sure looks a lot like The Undertaker. Seriously though, they just showed The Undertaker, these videos were never meant to be the big "OMG MYSTERY!!!" that everyone turned it into.

Natalya vs. Eve in a Lumberjill Match for the Diva's Championship is up next and Eve's kinda looking like Wonder Woman and Iron Man had a baby. Match was kind of a mess though, Eve dove to the outside and it looked like kinda kicked Maryse in the teeth and then the ending was wonky as well. #WeWantKong

Mark Henry vs. well, no one I guess. King Sheamus attacked Henry during his entrance and got some well deserved vengeance for that stupidity from last week.

The Miz walking backstage and shoving some poor production assistant is hilarious. Oh and another Michael Tarver cameo. Good thing Alex Riley keeps Miz's soul in that briefcase.

AWWWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMEEEEE! The Most Must-See WWE Champion in History, The Miz is here to take on his old protege, Daniel Bryan, in what is sure to be an incredibly fun 10pm main event. These two had an awesome match back at Night of Champions, perhaps Miz's best match ever, and it gave Bryan the United States Championship, and he's now the longest reigning champion in WWE right now. Bryan's showcasing why he's the 21st century Excellence of Execution, taking it to the WWE Champion and even though Cole and A-Ri are annoying the hell out of me on commentary, at least it makes sense when The Miz is against his NXT season 1 rookie.

Miz takes control heading into the break, and he's no slouch either, no matter what the smarks tell you, but the tide quickly turns back when Bryan reverses a superplex into a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope! This is what's so awesome about Bryan, he may not get the crowd to scream for his theme music, but once things get going, they go nuts for the guy. Miz manages to reverse a victory roll and just pancakes the US Champion onto the apron and follows up with the Skullcrushing Finale to barely scrape out a win. Excellent match, a definite Match of the Month contender.

The Miz grabs a mic after the match and offers his "condolences" to Jerry Lawler, but adds that he doesn't want to hear Lawler making excuses if he loses. That's old school heat right there, but if this were the 1970s, Lawler would've had him go way further than that.

David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. John Morrison & R-Truth up next, and I thought Truth and Morrison were supposed to be wrestling each other tonight? Supposedly The G?M changed it during the commercial, but I would've MUCH rather seen Truth vs. Morrison than any match involving David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Easy win for the good guys in a pointless match, Morrison hiptossing R-Truth onto Mason Ryan was cool though. But hey, Nexus is the most dangerous group in WWE history!

Ariel Winter from Modern Family and The Chaperone is here to introduce the Valentine's Day Khali Kiss Cam with The Great Khali. Yay? This is actually pretty funny, especially with William Regal kissing Zack Ryder, but Hornswoggle trying to mack on a 12 year old is gross. He's not a little kid, he has a beard! Be ready when he appears on Dateline this Friday on a special edition of To Catch a Leprechaun.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton next, blah. There's actually some level of chemistry between these two, but I don't think they've ever "clicked" in their numerous encounters. Of course, I blame Orton for this, because, ya know, he's the bane of my existence. Yeah yeah, Orton wins, I'm sure you're shocked, but hey CM Punk & Nexus attack him after the match, that's a plus! Agh, but then Truth, Cena & Morrison have to be the do-gooders while Orton hits everyone with an RKO. Most dangerous group ever! Ugh.

High Heels step out of the WrestleMania host's limo. I thought they said it was a dude, OMG RUDY GIULIANI IS HOSTING WRESTLEMANIA?!

Well, the guest host was revealed and I had to step away from my computer because sure enough, it'S THE ROCK!!!

The Rock.

THE Rock.



Yes, it needed to be typed that many times. The Rock proceeded to make the Anaheim crowd EXPLODE like I haven't heard a WWE crowd explode in years and then delivered one of the finest promos of his career. And this is The Rock, so you know that means something if someone says it was one of his best mic performances.

I've been a bit of a harsh critic towards The Rock over the years, mainly because I found it curious that he constantly talked about how much he loved WWE, but hasn't been in a WWE arena in over six years. I didn't feel like The Rock owed anything to me, the fans or WWE, he did everything he could, it just kinda bugged me that he always said "oh I miss it so much" or "I'll be back someday," but couldn't even make a single in-ring appearance. Well, after tonight, I know why; when someone like The Rock steps away for a few years, it's gotta be epic when he comes back. If The Rock had just been sandwiched in between Toby Keith and Jewel as a Raw guest host, or came in to make fun of The Miz one day, tonight would not have had the same impact. I was wrong about The Rock, he wasn't avoiding WWE, he was waiting.

In a year where WrestleMania might not have that "blockbuster" card we're used to, The Rock is here to electrify things. My jaw hit the floor when "IF YA SMEEEEEEEELL" hit because I thought this wouldn't be possible, because The Rock took enough time away to make something like this all the more special. Really, all I can say is, "wow."

The Rock did what The Rock does best, and teased us with a potential face off with John Cena at WrestleMania, mocking him for all the trash talk of the last few years. While I don't know what The Rock's role will be as host of WrestleMania, and he recently said he'd never wrestle again, it's impossible to not be excited for whatever The Rock and WWE have in store for us on April 3. The Rock wouldn't come back after all this time to half-ass it, and with him promising to "never go away," I think we're in store for something special.

Tonight's Raw just changed the game. I could sum up my thoughts on the rest of the show, but c'mon, no one's going to be talking about the rest of the show anytime soon, The Rock has come back to WWE!

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  1. On the UK - Sky Sports - broadcast of RAW (which is the stream I am watching), they just put an ad for new WWE video game over the 2-21-11 lol! It seems they thought it was an ad, not part of the show. Made me chuckle!

    Presumably we have legions of UK WWE fans who have no idea what all this 2-21-11 is about ... besides, for us, it's 21-2-11 ;)


    *starts singing We Will Kong You*

  3. What's wrong razor?! A wee kiss on the cheek from a kid doesn't equal pedophilia!

  4. It's Dixie Carter, gonna be the guest host of Mania?!

  5. I have said it before, I will say it again: Even though the surprise was spoiled for me, I marked out like a little bitch.

    He still has IT. Seven years after the fact. Astounding.

    Other thoughts: Orton's out of nowhere RKO on Sheamus was insane. Cole's heel tactics at the table are getting really annoying, and the Miz?


    Also: Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit!

  6. Hogan made today's wrestling what it is, Austin in the greatest professional wrestler of all-time, but The Rock is the biggest star to ever step foot in a ring. The guy just has a natural charisma and can instantly electrify any audience that is put in front of him, it's uncanny.

    I'm so over Michael Cole. It was cute during NXT and his love of all things Miz is amusing, but he's gone way off the rails everywhere else.

    And yeah, I'm eagerly anticipating The Miz's response to The Rock, even if he eventually gets verbally annihilated.

  7. And the Rock shall leave the WWE in about 6 weeks

  8. That is how you entertain or electrify millions (and millions). There is no one around who can do this today he is a cut above the rest when it comes to mic work and it is great to see him back in the square circle, i'm just hopin his promise to not go away means we won't have to wait another 7 years to smell what the rock is cooking.