Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WrestleMania 28 headed to Miami, FL

WrestleMania is returning to Florida just four years later, this time heading to Miami at Sun Life (Dolphins) Stadium, The Miami Herald reports:

Miami-Dade County has won the bid to host World Wrestling Entertainment’s super bowl WrestleMania 28 in the spring of 2012 at Sun Life Stadium, a week-long event which attracts fans from around the world.

In the three-year process, the area won the bid over other cities under consideration, such as Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York and Toronto.

They make it sound like the Olympics, but this is a big win for Miami. I'm a little bummed to see them heading back to Florida so soon, I would've liked to see something like Indianapolis or New Orleans, but the vibe for WrestleMania 24 was so cool, I can't really complain. The stadium is pretty big too, holding 75,000 people for football, so depending on the configuration, they might be able to break some records. Ford Field in Detroit can hold 70,000 people for football and they managed to cram 80,000 people in there for WrestleMania 23, but it all depends on the venue... and maybe if they lower the damn ticket price. Wrestling fans are not recession proof!

And with WrestleMania heading to Miami, that means the Hall of Fame ceremony is as well. While nothing is official (we don't even know who's all going in this year), I would assume this news means The Rock will lead the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012. Unless of course he's busy filming The TWOoth Fairy.

So congratulations to the 305, let's celebrate the only way I know how:

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