Friday, February 25, 2011

This is why wrestlers hate us

I actually watched the last twenty minutes of TNA tonight. I heard they were doing something "shocking" and wanted to see how TNA was going to be changed forever this time. In the final moments of the show, Tazz tossed to some footage that they just received:

That's right, they ripped off the 2.21.11 video. I heard they were going to do something like it, but I was hoping for a clever, sarcastic little jab at all the rumors about Sting, not a blatant rip off. How funny would it have been if they did a video with Sting coming out of a cabin and when they focus in on him, he says, "sorry I'm late"? That would've been fun and amusing, but what we got was downright terrible, extremely embarrassing, and I should've known better than to ever expect something clever from TNA. So yeah, "lol, TNA" they did it again, ripped off WWE and completely whiffed at a chance to take an opportunity and run with it. The "3.3.11" reveal is actually pretty cool and surprisingly relevant, but the backlash from this stunt will likely cause it to blow up in their face. But whatever, it's TNA, I rarely watch, I'm used to them blowing it, so I'll just go back to not watching.

But for some reason, that's not enough for some wrestling fans. I'm on Twitter tonight, and I'm seeing the expected outrage, the "TNA sux" tweets, people mocking them, that's cool, nothing wrong with that, they certainly earned it. But then things took a turn for the dark when I saw someone say they're going to "strangle" Dixie Carter. Wow, that's pretty pathetic, but hey, one loser being an idiot on the internet, that's nothing new. Then I saw another threat of violence, then another, then more people wishing death upon a 46-year-old mother of two. Over something on a wrestling show. Take a look at this small sample I found just by searching for "@TNADixie":

@bellajessica89 - @TNADixie you're a dumb bitch.

@xTHEVICx - @TNADixie bitch u fucking suck. Who da fuck said dat u can run a wrestling company. U dumbass whore.

@5CornersxSmootx - #TNA @TNADixie I hope you die penny-less in a gutter somewhere you stupid ditzy moronic twatwaffle, sorry excuse of a wrestling promoter.

@ValerieM00RE - I hope @TNADixie suffers from a heart attack... You don't even deserve to be alive, you desperate bitch.


Classy. This is why wrestlers hate wrestling fans, especially wrestling fans who talk about it on the internet. We're supposed to be the "smart" fans, yet people behave like this and make us all look bad. This is why wrestling promotions think we're all a bunch of fat losers who live in mom's basement and will never know the touch of a woman.

Guess what? It's just wrestling, no reason to act like you've never interacted with another human being. You managed to access the internet, surely you've acquired the social skills at some point in your life to know that it's not cool to wish death upon anyone. Especially over something on TNA Impact.

It's clear we've still got a long way to go to improve the perception of wrestling fans, stuff like this just makes it way more difficult. To anyone making these kind of comments, grow the hell up and stop ruining it for the rest of us.


  1. I agree. TNA has a ways to go to even compete near the same level as the WWE but to threat someone is just insane.

  2. It's just dumb, because TNA can't produce on WWE's level and their show can be mind numbing, but it's no reason to want Dixie Carter to die, who is doing this to attempt to entertain fans. Did people want Vince McMahon to die because the XFL wasn't as good as the NFL? A bad product deals with it's own consequences for being bad.
    You are exactly right about this is the reason wrestling gets generalized negatively.

  3. I'd question your use of the term 'smart fan', the evidence suggests quite the contrary...

  4. Thank you for giving me five new Twitter accounts to block.

  5. I don't think wrestlers hate fans, they just hate that type of "fan" that shits on everything and feel entitled because they feel the wrestlers owe them something. I've met a few wrestlers in person and online and they've always been very nice, provided you respect them and what they do.

  6. That's my point, that certain type of "fan" is loudest on the internet, therefore they think that most fans who have blogs or post on message boards are the entitled little brats.

  7. Absolutely well said.

    Wrestling seems to stir something very personal and emotional in people, and when people don't have the basic intelligence to express themselves, you get garbage like that.

  8. I've only just come across this article today but it struck quite a nerve.

    Wrestling fans do indeed suck.

    I am a wrestling fan who changed. I used to belong to a message board, spend hours on it, break down events with other members, chant at events and then in spare time watch even more wrestling on DVD, etc.

    I don't seem to recall having FUN.

    Recently I turned on TNA Impact and watched it and enjoyed it.

    The old me decided to check out PWTorch, Observer, etc where I found tons of people saying it sucked.

    But did it?


    I enjoyed watching Impact on a Thursday night. I enjoyed it enough to wish to watch it the following week.

    There was no need for me to read what a bunch of cynics had to say about it on Friday.

    Or on Monday.

    The only need was to tune in next Thursday and hope it was just as fun as it was the week prior.

    If it isn't, I then quit watching again.

    It WAS fun again and not only was I enjoying what I watched but I did not need someone to apply star ratings or speak of what they imagined the writers were doing or tales of backstage gossip.

    None of that matters.

    I am a fan now but I am not the same fan I once was and life is better.

    Here is to hoping other wrestling fans recover from being assholes online and just enjoy watching wrestling a few hours a week and find it's better to do so in that manner.