Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There Ain't No Grave...

So WWE pretty much spilled the beans on 2.21.11, making it glaringly obvious that it does in fact, signal the return of The Undertaker. In the latest video, there still could've been some doubt, but once Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave" hit, that ended any speculation.

Of course, some people are outraged by this. How dare WWE give me just The Undertaker, perhaps the biggest star in WrestleMania history, instead of bowing to my wild, baseless speculation... that began after the videos started airing. Yes, how dare they hype the return of The Undertaker when they should've signed Sting 24-hours after I thought a video for The Undertaker was actually a video for a guy they reportedly haven't even spoken to!

Then there's the "psh, The Undertaker returns all the time, who cares?" crowd. C'mon, it's The Phenom, and kudos to WWE for doing something a little special for his return, it is WrestleMania after all. See, this is what I'm always talking about when I tease smarks, I remember reading on Twitter last night after the Elimination Chamber hype video aired, something to the effect of, "if WWE did stuff like this for the wrestlers, people would care more," then they actually do something like it for The Undertaker and it's "oh that sucks, it's just The Undertaker," make up your minds! Does The Undertaker need a series of hype videos? Not necessarily, but did Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker need the awesome hype videos promoting their matches with songs by Johnny Cash and Placebo? Sure, Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker sells itself, especially at WrestleMania with HBK's career on the line, but those hype videos were so spectacular, you knew you had to see this match.

So for all you folks complaining that it's "just" The Undertaker, let me remind you what we got the last time The Undertaker was around for WrestleMania season:


  1. You hit it when you said that the vignette's were made before the Sting speculation rose to the height it's at now. This weeks video gave away the hint with the song and I'm willing to bet that next week they will outright make it obvious.
    I'll be the first to admit that I was sure it was The Undertaker, but had very false hopes of it being Sting. At this point, I'm not expecting Sting in Atlanta. So we have to savor what time we have left with the Undertaker. I'd think that he's going to hang it up after match 20. And I can't see Vince passing up the opportunity to have Cena vs. Undertaker before he calls it a career. Whether it's Sting or Wade Barret, I'm just going to be happy to see The Undertaker while I still can.

  2. I don't think Sting coming to WWE is completely out of the question. WWE would be stupid to not at least reach out for him after all the speculation. I doubt it will be at WrestleMania, unless they offer to put him in the Hall of Fame, but I can't imagine we'll get out of 2011 without at least a Sting DVD.

  3. Sting certainly gives an opportunity for Vince to pull in a lot of money. I hope at the least he gets a DVD. My concern is that Sting makes the decision if he wants to wrestle or not. That's the great thing about this business, you never know what can happen. Two weeks ago, I'd never think I'd see Nash in the Royal Rumble, but here we are. And people should be glad that the Undertaker is healthy enough and willing to go at Wrestlemania, because Sting vs. Undertaker doesn't happen without the Undertaker, much less Taker vs anyone for that matter.