Monday, February 7, 2011

Poll: 2.21.11

The internet's been speculating like crazy lately, so I figure why not do another post about it?! This time, we're going for the formal poll, you can vote to the right of your screen for any of the crazy theories going around, or add one of your own in the comments.

Remember, no one really knows who this is for (The Undertaker) and I don't claim to have any inside knowledge (but it's The Undertaker), so please don't take this as any sort of official "NEWZ" or "SPOILERS" like some sites are claiming (but seriously, it's The Undertaker).

Have fun!


  1. Aaron Rodgers, although, he's already the World Heavyweight champion, so it's a reverse build.

  2. If it was for Undertaker, they'd just come right out and say so - WWE has never been subtle about building up an Undertaker return. I don't think it's going to be Tyler or Kong, either; they'd probably debut Tyler on NXT, and Kong would just get brought out during some random Divas match without fanfare. Sting is a remote possibility, but not a very likely one, to be honest. Having it be Barrett would just be a letdown. And I don't see anyone else it could be for. So I think this is going to be for something else entirely.

  3. Did you just throw Wade Barret on there as a wild-card possibility, or do you think there's some reason he's coming back to Raw?

    I'm personally hoping for...Papa Shango!

  4. My only thought for Wade Barrett is he's rumored to be The Undertaker's opponent at Mania, so maybe these videos are him taunting us, thinking Taker's coming back, but it's just him being a dick...

    ...Then The Undertaker comes back and kicks his ass.

  5. ...but THEN Sting drops from the rafters and kicks both THEIR asses...ooh ooh, and then and then, Stone Cold comes out and like totally stunners both of them, and then Brock Lesnar comes out and, and, Jeff Hardy is there, and....

  6. The lack of Macho Man in this fantasy upsets me.