Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 53

A certain big name is rumored to be on his way to WWE, Kevin Nash & Booker T return, is Chris Jericho next? Who is WWE's best hope for a top good guy and what makes a champion credible?

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


  1. Chris Jericho recently mentioned that Fozzy are going to be playing at many of the top European festivals this summer, which, obviously, should rule him out of in-ring action for a few months. While that isn't to say that he couldn't compete at Wrestlemania, I can't really see him coming back on such a short-term basis before leaving once again. Jericho has always struck me as a guy who likes to do things as fully as possible, so I imagine that he will be concentrating fully on his efforts with Fozzy for the foreseeable future, perhaps even for another year or so. I hope I'm wrong and I'd be delighted to see him back right now, but it's definitely one of those cases in which WWE needs Jericho more than Jericho needs WWE.

  2. If, and I mean *if*, Jericho returns on a short term basis, I want the entirety of his time back to be spent "hacking" the anonymous GM.


  3. I'd support a face Santino getting greater exposure.

  4. STING!!!! STING!!!! STING!!!! The New York daily post reported that Sting signed a 1 year contract with the WWE. I have a screen shot of this that i cant figure out how to post.

    About your whole mention on the Vignette that aired on Raw, Do you remember the old Sting promo's, They all featured him in the rain and thunder!!! Taker has never had a promo like THAT!!!!

    I do agree, If its not Sting i will be sad, but it wont be a total waste.

  5. I think Taker's had a few promos like that.