Saturday, January 29, 2011

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - January 28, 2011

Hey, I was there!

Smackdown opened with a really cool opening package, detailing the times that The Corre wreaked havoc last week... of course this was incredibly bizarre since they did next to nothing on this show, but more on that later.

Vickie Guerrero started things off to MONSTER heat... and hey, who's that guy with that big "KICK-OUT!!" sign?! I bet he's awesome. Randy Orton interrupted the acting General Manager of Smackdown and actually had a pretty fun little promo, playing off of Vickie's trademark "excuse me." That's right, I complimented Orton, don't get used to it or anything. Dolph Ziggler came to the ring to defend his lady's honor, unfortunately, that jerkface Randy Orton hit him with a completely unprovoked RKO. Just when he was starting to win my favor, he proves exactly why he's a very bad person.

LayCool vs. Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn might be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. The good guys attack the bad guys from behind? That might make sense if it were people like Natalya & Beth, who have a long history with LayCool, but what has LayCool ever done to Kaitlyn? And they've never really done much to Kelly Kelly either, so it really just confused the crowd and killed any chance the good gals had of getting the crowd behind them. Kelly Kelly's entrance usually gets a pretty big pop too, so not playing her music just struck me as even more bizarre, especially when LayCool won in less than a minute anyway. Horrible.

It really just seemed like an excuse to get Kelly Kelly at ringside for Drew McIntyre vs. JTG, but they never did anything with that either! Huh?! At least Drew and JTG had a decent little match, but McIntyre simply walking off while Kelly Kelly just stood around made even less sense than the previous match. WWE really needs to do more with JTG too, he's incredibly underrated.

DASHING Cody Rhodes' backstage promo was hilarious. Here's hoping this whole "can't show my face in public" bit ends with Cody wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask to the ring. It's a little weird that he's saying he's not going to be in the Rumble though, is he really injured?

The Alberto Del Rumble was hilarious, and I'm not gonna lie, I legitimately jumped out of my seat when Kane broke up the jobber brigade. His pyro is scary! I'm hesitant to root for Del Rio on Sunday because WWE doesn't need yet another young heel succeeding way too quickly, but no one has been built better than him either.

The Rumble Exhibition led to Alberto Del Rio & Kane vs. Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston, which turned out to be my pick for Match of the Night and one of my favorite matches of January so far. Just an extremely fun TV tag match that had the crowd on their feet the entire time. Despite the goofy start to the show, this match got everything back and track and hyped the Rumble incredibly well. If you missed Smackdown, at least check out this match.

I liked Big Show's promo, but I did not like Big Show vs. Heath Slater, for multiple reasons, not just because it was a Heath Slater match. After dominating last week's show and all that hype at the start of this week's, I have no idea why they didn't do more with The Corre. A quick squash for Big Show and then a run-in save from Chris Masters the Raw roster? Huh? Thumbs down, but at least my "FEARRRR THE CORRRRE" sign was all over the place during this segment!

Main Event time! The Miz & Dolph Ziggler vs. Rated RKO was a fun main event, but fell a bit short of the Kofi/Mysterio tag match earlier in the evening. Still a good match and set up the Rumble title matches very well, and hey, at least Orton didn't get the pin! I like the added stipulation after the match with Vickie banning the Spear and warning Edge he'll lose the title on Sunday if he uses it. It's an old-school stipulation and since the Rumble itself is the main event, they can get away with a screwy finish if they want. Edge's spears on the floor were particularly brutal as well, and as much as I love The Miz, I'm now way more excited for the World Title match tomorrow night.

A couple screwy decisions, like the Divas match and The Corre doing next to nothing, but the Rumble was hyped well and the two tag matches were awesome, so I gotta give this show a thumbs up. Two thumbs up since I was there and on TV all throughout the evening. Yay!


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  1. Personally, I imagine the whole "Cody Rhodes not in the Rumble" deal will just be for him to cost Mysterio his part in the match to further their feud.

    There's always at least one person who gets eliminated by someone who isn't in the match/has already been eliminated, and this is (one of) my picks for that spot this year.