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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - December 31, 2010

It's the final WWE show of 2010... except it's already 2011, thankfully my DeLorean is all gassed up.

Always good for a show to start with Smackdown's power couple, Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero. I had to roll my eyes at Matt Striker's "brains of Hillary Clinton and the body of Hillary Clinton" joke, but I gotta give the wingnut credit for at least admitting that Hillary Clinton is smart. Anyhoo, Vickie is filing a formal complaint on John Cena for him lifting her up for the Attitude Adjustment on last week's live episode of Smackdown. "I don't have an attitude and it certainly doesn't need to be adjusted" might the greatest thing Vickie has said since "EXCUSE ME!" Vickie is suffering from a severe case of vertigo and doctors have advised her not to be more than two feet off the ground... I guess nobody told her that the ring is about four feet off the ground, don't look over the ropes! Even worse, she's suffering from nauseousness, which is way worse than nausea!

Kofi Kingston was not amused by Vickie's "nonsense," but I found that to be mighty cruel of him. She has a serious condition, Kim Novak fell off a tower thanks to Vertigo! Kofi wondered where this vertigo was at TLC when Vickie was climbing the ladder and this prompted Jack Swagger to come to the ring as well to also complain about the ending of that match. More back and forth here, Dolph Ziggler was killing it on the mic and eventually punches were thrown and Teddy Long set up a triple threat rematch for his "Holla-Holla-Holiday Spectacular." I love T-Lo.

"DASHING" Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show was our opening contest and the Dashing One has had his hands full with the World's Largest Athlete lately and things didn't get much easier for him on Friday. His chest got split open from the "SSSSHHHHHH" Chop, Big Show put his ass in his face (not the face!), and got his head palmed like a basketball. Cody had enough and wisely walked out of the match, he probably had a big New Year's Eve party to get to and you're not exactly "DASHING!" when you're bleeding from the chest.

Drew McIntyre vs. Trent Baretta was next (seriously) and it looks like the former Dudebuster is a good guy now? Gotta admit though, Baretta was looking good in this one and perhaps he's a diamond in the rough for WWE? Not bad for what could've just been a McIntyre squash match, Trent Baretta did a NASTY! swan dive senton to the outside where he landed flat on his back and McIntyre won by referee stoppage. Major kudos to Baretta for being that crazy in order to make a name for himself, but wow, that was gross.

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio & Kane was the hour 1 main event of the evening, but after Edge & Rey's powerbomb to the outside move, there wasn't much here you hadn't seen any of the other times these four guys locked up. Smackdown's main event scene really needs a major shake-up, because watching Edge and Mysterio come out on top over Kane and Del Rio every week is getting old. Hopefully the Rumble will fix a lot of these problems.

But in the meantime, expect them to keep beating that dead horse! Backstage, T-Lo announced two main events for next week's show: Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio in a two out of three falls match and Kane vs. Edge for the World Championship in a Last Man Standing match. At the very least, Rey/Del Rio two out of three falls should be awesome.

Really enjoyed LayCool vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya, if WWE's ever going to get serious about women's wrestling, these are the four to build a division around. I'm not exactly optimistic about that ever happening, but the recent signing of Awesome Kong helps. By the way, how great would it be for Kong to be LayCool's hired gun to take out Natalya and The Glamazon? Really good match between these four though, funny how easy it is to make women's wrestling interesting when you let women wrestle.

Really cool to see Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston get the main event slot of the evening, after the match they had at TLC, they certainly earned it. This match was a lot more technical than their match at TLC (obviously since there's not a giant ladder involved), but there was no shortage of excitement here, from that BIG German Suplex, Kofi's NASTY! DDT and Ziggler still finding a way to steal a win. This is one of those TV main events where if you saw it, you know it was awesome and if you missed it, me describing it to you wouldn't do it justice. An excellent way to end 2010 and if you didn't see this match, make sure you watch it.

It's a shame the ratings will tank for this show since it was on New Year's Eve, but this was a really good episode of Smackdown. The only match that wasn't great was Rhodes vs. Big Show, and that was more about building the feud than having an actual match anyway. McIntyre vs. Baretta was shockingly good, the Divas tag was probably the best Divas match on free-TV all year and the main event was absolutely fantastic. Definitely a show worth watching from start to finish.

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  1. Having the Intercontinental Title match main event the show seemed like a nice throwback to the days of the early nineties, when the belt was given a more prominent role on WWE programming and Pay-Per-View broadcasts. Judging by the past few years, I'm not optimistic, but I'd love to see at least one of last Friday's IC Title competitors get a well booked championship match of decent length at Wrestlemania, rather than putting all of them in the Money in the Bank match, should it take place. Smackdown's midcard has been as solid as ever during 2010, and such a bout at the biggest show in professional wrestling is the least it deserves.

    Again, I'm not going to get my hopes up, but things could look even better when the inevitable post-Wrestlemania draft takes place. Who wouldn't want to see such underutilised Raw talents as Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, Primo and David Hart Smith being thrown into the mix as well?