Thursday, January 6, 2011

Match of the Month - December 2010

Fell behind on this feature last year and hopefully looking to make up for it in 2011, it's the return of Match of the Month! We have to time travel back to last year for this one, what was the best match of December 2010? First, the runners-up:

Ladder Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger - TLC
We'll talk more about him as this list goes on, but if I did a "Wrestler of the Month" award, it would go to Dolph Ziggler for December 2010. Let's focus on this match for now though, the opening match of TLC 2010 set the tone for what would go on to become WWE's best PPV of the year. The ending had its share of detractors, but it played in well to Ziggler's character and helped make him one of the most "boo-able" characters WWE has right now.

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio - Smackdown, December 17
Their rematch from earlier in the week on Raw was far superior, and as far as I can remember, one of the rare times these two have ever locked up. Mysterio makes anyone look like a million bucks and Miz was no exception here, who showed all throughout the month of December that he is the real deal.

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler - Raw, December 20
Never mind the absurd "lulz Vickie Guerrero is fat" nonsense that happened before the match because this match was so good, it could wash that taste out of your mouth. I understand when people get tired of Cena wrestling the same old people every week, but he shines when placed in a match with an up-and-comer like Umaga in 2007, Jack Swagger in 2009 and now Dolph Ziggler in 2010. Crowd was on fire for this one and when Dolph Ziggler wins his first World Title (which will probably happen in 2011), we'll look to this match as his launchpad.

But there can only be one Match of the Month, and it's:

Ladder Match: John Morrison vs. Sheamus - TLC
Let's just take a look at what I said about this match in my TLC review:
Without question, this match was Match of the Night, and will very likely wind up as Match of the Month when that feature returns in January. If you did not order this PPV, get some people together and you can all chip in on the replay, because it's at least worth $20 and 15 minutes of your time.

One could argue that the match started off a bit slow, but that was all tension-building and storytelling. Sheamus was brutal in his role, acting as the Jason Voorhees to Morrison's attractive camp counselor; he was vicious, unforgiving and unstoppable, but Morrison refused to quit and somehow managed to pull it out. Loads of drama in this one, so many near finishes, crowd was engaged the whole way through, Sheamus and Morrison have excellent chemistry and worked their asses off to provide one of the best matches of 2010.

If you haven't seen this match, what the hell is wrong with you?

So did I get it right? Let me know by voting in our poll, and if you vote "other" leave a comment on this post to tell us which match was your pick for December 2010's Match of the Month.


  1. Absolutely agree, a show stealing match at TLC from Sheamus and Morrison. Fantastic stuff.

  2. It looks as though John Morrison vs Miz will take a lot of beating in the January contest too, even at this early stage. Morrison is beginning to remind me of Rey Mysterio during the last couple of years in the sense that he is consistently delivering the goods in the ring, yet without making significant inroads into the very top echelon of the WWE ladder. At this rate, he could quickly become WWE's unsung hero of 2011.