Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back from Smackdown!

Just got back from Smackdown tonight and seriously, there are fewer things more fun than going to WWE live. A few notes (don't worry, no spoilers):

Percy Watson beat Chavo Guerrero in the dark match.

The NXT "Out-think the Fink" segment was embarrassing. I know I'm a WWE dork and all, but these guys work for the company, there's no reason they should be this terrible at WWE trivia. Judging from that segment alone, I'm more qualified to be WWE's next breakout star!

This was the first I've seen of NXT Season 4, I liked Brodus, but his finisher is terrible. Points for incorporating the Tongan Death Grip though.

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase was almost the best match of the night (more on that in my Smackdown review on Friday), I'd say it was their best encounter yet. Even if you don't normally watch NXT, go out of your way to see that one.

As for Smackdown, I won't say much other than you haven't experienced a crowd reaction until you experience a Vickie Guerrero segment. I've seen her in person a few times now and the crowd reaction for her is absolutely insane.

My seats were amazing, perhaps the best I've ever had at a WWE event besides the time I scored front row behind JR & King. You should be able to see me several times on Friday with my signs:

"KICK-OUT!!" (in blue and red letters)
"FEARRRRE THE CORRRRE" (red and purple letters)
"HELLO, I'M AWESOME!" (just like The Miz's shirt)

And I should have pictures posted on Kick-Out's Facebook page tomorrow.

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