Sunday, December 12, 2010

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - December 10, 2010

Looks like the rumors about Todd Grisham were true, he's out of the commentary booth and Josh Matthews is in. Matthews and Striker had good chemistry on ECW, so I look forward to seeing what they'll do on Smackdown; unfortunately Michael Cole is still there as well.

Keeping up with unfortunate news, Kane kicked off this week's episode of Smackdown to continue to the mind-numbingly stupid angle about Paul Bearer's kidnapping. "This has gone on way too long," said Kane and I couldn't agree more. Edge appeared on the TitanTron (suck it, NFL), and said it will all end at TLC, but they've broken so many promises before, how can I trust them? Edge hit a man whose bound to a wheelchair with a steel chair, and remember kids, he's the good guy!

Things started to look up for Smackdown with our opening contest, Jack Swagger vs. Kaval. Good storytelling with Kaval injuring his ankles and hurting himself with every kick he threw, but naturally falling victim to Swagger's ankle lock. This is how you make someone look good with a loss and here's hoping we see more from these two in the future. Swagger cut a promo after the match, claiming Kofi Kingston should've been disqualified last week for hitting him while he was in the ropes with Trouble in Paradise. Never mind the fact that Swagger just chopblocked Kaval while he was in the ropes two minutes earlier, he's protesting!

Hornswoggle vs. The Swagger Soaring Eagle was next, and yes, you read that correctly. I don't know what's funnier, the fact that Hornswoggle is billed from "The End of the Rainbow" or the Soaring Eagle's wingspan being announced. Absolutely ridiculous, but if ever there was a reason for Michael Cole to not take the product seriously, this would be it. There have been worse comedy bits in WWE, and I gotta be honest, I'd rather watch Hornswoggle vs. the Eagle than Edge kidnapping Paul Bearer.

Oh look, WWE remembered that the Tag Team Champions can appear on both shows, Santino & Kovlov were on Smackdown! Chavo challenged them to a match and everyone sang Queen songs, which was pretty amusing.

Intercontinental Title was on the line with Dolph Ziggler defending against Kofi Kingston, and as I mentioned last week, we've seen these two wrestle so many times recently, so I wasn't exactly looking forward to this one again. I was wrong, these two put on yet another exciting contest that kept the crowd engaged the whole way through. Oh, and someone in the crowd had a sign that said "KOFI GO FLY-FLY," which might be the best sign I've seen all year. Also nice we got this one on free TV, so we didn't have to pay to see these to wrestle on PPV for the fourth time this year. Crowd was red hot at the end, Kofi nailed Trouble in Paradise, but Jack Swagger interfered, giving Kofi a DQ win. Triple Threat match at TLC? Hopefully!

Masterlock Challenge! Nice to see WWE giving Chris Masters a little more to work with since he's been one of the most underrated performers of the year. "DASHING" Cody Rhodes was the challenger and was perfect here, disinfecting the steel chair with a baby wipe, filing his nails (to improve his grip!), and screaming that his face was "given to him by God!" Rhodes demanded to look in his jacket-mirror, which gave Masters the opening to apply the Masterlock and pick up an easy win! I'm all for these guys feuding, and I'd love to see Masters move into the IC Title division, but I can't help but think these two would be an awesome tag team.

Speaking of tag teams, our new Tag Team Champions were over HUGE in Dayton, Ohio and were in action against Chavo Guerrero & Drew McIntyre. I'd dig this tag team a bit more if Chavo were taken seriously, but then again, Santino & Kozlov are the Tag Team Champions, so... yeah. Match wasn't too bad though, McIntyre countering Santino's saluting headbutt with a boot to the face was NASTY! But silly Chavo tagged himself in, took a COBRA! and it was all over for the challengers. After the match, Drew McIntyre hit Chavo with the Future Shock and WWE's become so impatient, they're breaking up tag teams the night they debut.

Layla vs. Natalya was short but actually pretty good. Hey, when are we going to see Natalya & The Glamazon vs. LayCool? Although I can understand WWE's hesitation, if anyone in that match gets injured, they'll lose 25% of the women's division.

Main Event time! Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Kane & Alberto Del Rio, which normally I'd be excited about, but this Kane/Edge feud is so astoundingly awful, I just want it all to be over with. But hey, there was some good news, Teddy Long came out to tell us that Kane wouldn't wrestle tonight. Cool, maybe we can get a break from this stupid Paul Bearer stuff... but oh yeah... they made it a handicap match... with the heel being forced to wrestle two guys. Huh?! Heels shouldn't be in handicap matches unless they're monsters that need two opponents in order to have some competition.

Luckily, WWE realized this was a bad idea and sent Kane out to distract Edge, which made this into a one-on-one match with Del Rio vs. Mysterio... a match they want us to pay for at TLC. This was just one mind-numbing decision after another, and the previously red-hot crowd was pretty much dead for it after all the confusion. Why not just run with the basic tag match? Things picked back up near the end once Del Rio and Mysterio got to do what they do best, but the whole segment left a bad taste in my mouth and it was hard to care when Mysterio picked up the win.

After the match, Edge tricked Kane into dumping the real Paul Bearer off a makeshift scaffold over a 30+ foot balcony. Woo! He made a mentally unstable person throw their father off a balcony, I want to cheer for him!

Stupidity in the main event aside, Smackdown was another solid wrestling show. All the matches were good (even the main event when it was left to Del Rio and Rey Rey), lots of story progression, and a Chris Masters push! But it's hard to give this show a big thumbs up when Edge and Kane took up so much time and their storyline is well on its way to becoming the worst Kane angle since he wanted to have demonic offspring. Where's Snitsky when you need him?

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  1. I haven't watched smackdown in a month. I guess I'll be "not-watching" for a bit longer then, until they actually give some compelling substance to watch.


  2. There's plenty of substance on Smackdown... just not in the Edge/Kane feud.