Monday, December 20, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - December 20, 2010

Nexus is dead, Miz is awesome, and while we're not quite on the Road to WrestleMania, we're at least backing out of the driveway. I don't expect anything too earth-shattering to go on tonight since we're in that holiday limbo period, but we are coming off the best PPV of the year, so perhaps WWE will continue to surprise us? Refresh your page for ongoing coverage of tonight's show, and hang out with me on Twitter for ongoing absurdity.

And this is how you start a show, Merry ChristMiz! The WWE Champion, excuse me, the Must-See WWE Champion, The Miz is here! And speaking of Christmas, it looks like we got an early present, Michael Cole's not on commentary! Thanks WWE, it's just what I always wanted! The Miz mentions that all the fans expected Randy Orton to arrive as the new champion, but that didn't happen... which is also something I had on my Christmas list. Now if I can just get that David Otunga hoodie, it'll be the best Christmas ever!

Alex Riley is out in chains (literally) as the Ghost of Christmas Past to show Miz the "error" of his ways, and then we get Michael Cole as the Ghost of Christmas Present and to I have to agree with CM Punk, this is the greatest beginning to a Raw ever. And the Ghost of Christmas Future? It's Angry Miz Girl on the TitanTron, complete with the Conan O'Brien/Robert Smigel talking picture bit. Really, REALLY stupid stuff, but you know you laughed, don't act like you're better than this! Crowd EXPLODES for John Morrison's interruption and the Shaman of Not Showering goes after Miz and A-Ri, but Sheamus gives our fearless WWE Champion a chance to take a brisk stroll.

The G?M chimes in and creates what is sure to be a fun six-man tag tonight, The Miz has to face his ghosts when he teams with A-Ri and Sheamus to take on John Morrison, Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler! Randy Orton attacks The Miz at the top of the stage, but no one cares because everyone else at ringside is way more interesting. Silly, but fun way to kick off Monday Night Raw.

Melina vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eve to determine a new #1 contender to the Divas Championship is our opening contest, and really not a bad match. Melina picks up the win and looks like her heel turn is complete after slapping Natalya in the face. Melina is a natural heel and outside of LayCool, there are no heel Divas in WWE these days, so it makes sense. Match could be good too.

Call your friends, Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal is happening on your television right now. A match many of us have waited to see in WWE thanks to their real-life history, but unfortunately we're not gonna get the 15+ minute classic we'd like to. Regal taps quickly to the LeBell Lock, but please WWE, PLEASE don't let this be the last time these two square off in the ring. Good match though, for the little time given to it. And I love that Bryan still acts like he has no idea why the Bellas are all up in his business. I have a theory: Daniel Bryan is actually a prepubescent boy inside a grown man's body, like in Big, and in his mind, girl's still have cooties.

Randy Orton & John Morrison backstage seeing who can defeat charisma faster. Advantage: Orton.

Mixed tag action next with Santino & Tamina taking on Ted DiBiase & Maryse. Mixed tag rules are clear, things must be fair at all times, so Santino can only wrestle Maryse and DiBiase can only wrestle Tamina, right? Tamina picks up the win the Superfly Splash, and WWE wishes they could get lucky with crowds this excited every week. If you can get a crowd to go nuts for this match, you have one friendly crowd.

JOHN CENA IS BACK! From never leaving in the first place! Cena's got the crowd in the palm of his hand though, showing the footage of him dropping all those chairs on Wade Barrett and announces his next plan: winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing WrestleMania! Way to buck that status quo, John! I kid, I kid! But hey, things take an unexpected turn with the arrival of Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler and the crowd reaction to Vickie is nothing short of amazing:

*quiets down*
Vickie: Dol--
*quiets down*
Vickie: Exc--

And Dolph Ziggler's gonna beat up Jerry Lawler! Seriously though, not digging the "LULZ VICKIE IS FAT" jokes, Vickie's lost a lot of weight in the last few months and looks great. No need for this "Molly Holly has a fat ass" bullshit. At least we're getting John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler out of it.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena has major potential to be one of those really special up-and-comer vs. established Superstar matches, not unlike Cena vs. Swagger from a few years back and Bourne vs. Jericho earlier this year. Ziggler's been on fire as of late and Cena shines in a role like this, he feels fresh when he's not in there with the same guy week after week. What a match, Ziggler looked amazing even with his loss and the crowd was INSANE for this one.

After the match, CM Punk attacked John Cena with a chair and walked off looking like Tory Belleci from Mythbusters. Looks like he has not forgiven Cena for spilling that diet soda!

After commercial, Punk is seen leaving the arena and says all Cena understands is aggression. I love the idea of Punk treating Cena like he did Jeff Hardy, saying completely true things, but in the most dickish way possible. Though they might be playing with fire here, there are plenty of valid criticisms to throw at Cena (his Vickie Guerrero jokes being the most recent), and the crowd is already iffy on him. Careful, WWE.

Main Event time already? Six man tag action with The Miz, Alex Riley & King Sheamus vs. John Morrison, Jerry Lawler & Randy Orton; this one should be a blast, especially with the crowd as red hot as they've been tonight. Not a whole lot to say about this one except that it's just as fun as I expected and with a little help from an RKO, Jerry Lawler picks up the win and gets revenge on The Miz. Hilarious. After the match, The G?M announces a TLC rematch with Randy Orton going one-on-one with The Miz on tomorrow night's special live edition of Smackdown. I can dig it, I'm all for The Miz beating him yet again, twice on Sunday and one more tomorrow!

Like I said out the start of the show, WWE definitely didn't rock the boat tonight, but the show was a lot of fun. Plenty of silliness and I really hated the Vickie Guerrero fat jokes, but the matches were great and the crowd made the show way better than it perhaps should've been. A hot crowd goes a long way for a wrestling show.

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  1. Tamina is Hot!

  2. bloody hell, listen to that audience lol

  3. Man, Vickie is generating more heat than the Nexus ever did. Great crowd tonight even if the fat jokes are a little stupid.

  4. I enjoyed the fat jokes, difference between Molly and Guerrero is that Guerrero deserves them :P

  5. The Shaman of not showering? He showers, he's hot. I also loved seeing Orton take out Miz. I actually loved the Vicky jokes, and HATED all the negative stuff against Jeff Hardy. I'm glad you like the show, I heard negative comments about it that made me sad.